Chase wants to give you a referral bonus! Also: what’s the best card for car rental insurance?

5,000 UR POINTS FROM CHASE: Chase has a new referral program wherein you can get bonuses when you get your friends to open Chase accounts. Enter your information here to see what bonuses you’re eligible for.

WHICH CREDIT BUREAU DOES YOUR BANK USE?: Valuable information for credit card applicants–The Points Guy has the details.

BEST CARD FOR CAR RENTAL INSURANCE: Thaks to Frugal Travel Guy for making me aware of something I didn’t know:

Car rental coverage is one perk where things get a little complicated. Most credit cards will cover CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), but the problem is, they only offer secondary coverage. While it doesn’t matter for your overseas travel (where whatever insurance you have becomes primary) it means that if your rental car gets damaged during your travel in the US, you will have to file the claim with your own car insurance company first. I don’t think I need to explain why this is better to be avoided.

Having primary insurance coverage provided for by your credit card removes that predicament. You won’t have to risk getting your premiums hiked, and you won’t have to pay any deductibles. It’s a great thing to have for piece of mind. The only problem is that very few cards offer this coverage

UNITED HONORS MISTAKE FARES: Points are one way to travel for free; another way is via mistake fares. Some quick-acting individuals pounced on $0 fares from United last week and United has decided to honor the prices:

Friday afternoon, the airline said it would honor tickets sold for $0 fares, plus $5 to $10 in taxes and fees for many flights.

The airline said there was an error on the United reservation system on Thursday, resulting in the free fares. United has since fixed the mistake, but not before many customers took advantage of the free fares.

United might not have had a choice in the matter. U.S. Department of Transportation policy indicates airlines must honor any tickets once a purchase has been confirmed, even if the price was incorrect, and may not increase prices after the customer receives a confirmation.

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