San Francisco to Shanghai and Seoul, $700 – $750 on United / American / Delta


In the upcoming months, SFO-flyers can hop across the pond to various destinations in Asia for about half of what it normally costs.

San Francisco (SFO) to Shanghai (PVG):

  • Departing various dates in November until December 8.
  • The best prices require a 5 – 8 night stay.
  • Cheapest flights are ticketed on United Airlines (K) and American Airlines (Q). 
Sample United itinerary (12,268 RDM). Fly AA for about $20 more.
Wide-open availability in November.
Wide-open availability in November.

San Francisco (SFO) to Seoul (ICN): 

  • Departing various dates in November until December 2.
  • The best prices require a 1 to 8 night stay, depending on the dates.
  • Cheapest flights are ticketed on Delta Air Lines (V) and United Airlines (K). 
Sample Delta itinerary. Fly UA for about $30 more.
Sample Delta itinerary (11,756 RDM). Fly UA for about $30 more.

If you can find cheap fares from different carriers going to the (relatively) same place in the same time period, chances are you can find these deals from other departure cities. I’m seeing similarly cheap fares from Seattle, Vancouver, and other West Coast cities.

These low fares might also apply to other destinations in Asia. For example, United is flying to Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) nationwide in December-January for about $809.

If you were planning a trip to Asia in the next few months (or if this just sounds like fun), head on over to ITA Matrix and play around with the airports and dates to see if you find a fare you like. Remember to select the flexible “see calendar of lowest fares” option for best results.

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