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I am the "head elf" for my church's project to purchase Christmas presents for needy children. I have $120 per kid to buy a coat,boots, hat, gloves,shoes, socks, underwear, outfit, book, and toy. Yes that is possible!

Generally the toy is $20 to $25 . I have a couple of children requesting the zoomer puppy or kitten. The best price I can find is 79.9x at Wal-Mart and Kmart respectively.

Any ideas?


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Do you mean this? http://www.walmart.com/ip/44811674?


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Just looked on Walmart. The kitty is $75 but the "zoomer zuppies puppy" is only about $27. Man's best friend for everyone, perhaps?

I was going to suggest the target merrygoround, but I don't see a straightforward way to knock 2/3 off the price of the kitty.


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Toys R Us has the zoomer zuppies puppy for $27 and if it is possible for you, Amex has an offer right now for Toys R Us, spend $25, get $5 credit. You must have an Amex card you can add this offer to if it is available for your card. Also, Amazon has some of these puppies for $27 and again if you took advantage of the Amex Amazon offer (spend $60/$15 credit) you could buy 2 of them for $45 plus tax after the credit. Good luck.