Your plans for Status 2014


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I am curious as to how many people are striving for status with DL this year. I am 140K short of the 2 Million Miler mark so am trying to work on getting there by the end of next year. What are your Delta aspirations and how are you making it happen? Did you do the revenue spend or plan to? Spending on your DL credit card?


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I am trying to get as many miles as possible on DL this year to roll Diamond over to next year. Without knowing what 2015 will truly bring, I think this is the safest bet for me.

I scored on the DL fare glitch and bought a bunch of RT's in first, this got me ~50,000 mqms.
Spending on my DL Gold got me the waiver right away. (will switch my Gold to a reserve in the last few months and get the spend, another 40,000 mqm)
Added a DL Platinum and a DL Biz reserve. Thats good for another 65000 mqm.
Business travel and other travel will give me around another 50,000 mqm.
I'm planning two MR's this fall to get the last 50,000 or so.

This will set me up to roll diamond plus about 10,000. If things turn out ok next year, I could then get another 80,000 MQM from spend alone, add in travel and I would be good for diamond through 2016 as well.*

*All of this contingent on MS still being useful enough to spend $170,000 to get the MQM on the cards (and even make money doing it)


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Whew, I got tired just reading your post. Your plan is very interesting, agressive, and above all has promise for contined Diamond Status. I was able to score one of those RTs in first as well, certainly added to my MQMs but wish I had purchsed more. Did the spend on Platinum card for the extra 20K MQMs but haven't made the leap to more DL cards. We'll see how 2015 plays out :)


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Started out the year with 20K rollover MQM from lucrative Delta AMEX sign up bonuses. I booked some work trips and maxed out my personal Delta Platinum and business Delta Reserve spending thresholds. I hit Platinum Medallion and have not missed an upgrade yet, most likely because I'm originating from non-elite heavy airports (DCA, BWI, IAD).

Not sure if I can retain Platinum in '16, but getting to Gold (which has been a solid upgrade percentage as well) via spending thresholds should be pretty easy.