Who's in the Greater Cleveland Area?


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I've been watching, although not intensely, for any of these get-togethers in my city. Nadda from what I've seen. I figured that maybe I'm the only "enthusiast" around ... but I have heard stories of people cleaning out various MS-centric cards just a day or sometimes hours before I ask.

Went to the DC FTU last weekend. Interesting. More interesting is that, without even trying, I met 2 people from Cleveland. Also met 2 folks I "know" from Saverocity, but that's a separate thing. Unfortunately, I didn't take down the names or contact info of my neighbors, but I'm betting they turn up again, somewhere.

Am I missing something and there actually IS a group in Cleveland that has meet-ups? If there isn't, are there other folks here who would be interested? I may poke around other "lesser" online areas to find interest. Please let me know here or via PM if you have an interest.