Who's In Charge?


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I wasn't sure where to post this and it may not be terribly important but nobody seems to know the answer. I think I had a similar problem and got so many different answers, plus I'm old so kind of forgot. Also their service is sometimes iffy, like the time they didn't notify me that my departure airport had been changed from MDT-20 minutes away, to PHL, more like 2 hours.

OK, I like to use LifeMiles for Star Alliance redemptions and have gotten what I consider some pretty good ones. This time I got SIN-IST on TK Business and got the info from Avianca. I was able to use the TK record locator and log in to see everything and even pick or perhaps change seats. Ticket number is 202 not 235 but no problem.

My second redemption was IST-ATL TK business and I got the same info from Avianca but I can't log in to the flight on TK website and see anything. I dealt with TK's very responsive Twitter team and they said call Avianca. I thought perhaps the 202 ticket number wouldn't work but then why did the other one? TK eventually told me to call their customer service and I got a real person who found the booking and told me our seats. I'm not thrilled that we are not right next to each other in the 787 but we are (sort of) same row.

What is usual in this case? I booked VN through Flying Blue on this trip and can access everything through Air France site. Booked TG using LifeMiles and can get that one as well.

Does it matter, so long as everyone knows I have tickets? My problem is that the carrier who books it is supposed to notify us of any changes but if it's Avianca, they don't seem to do it. The time we were changed to PHL, AC told me that they had notified Avianca who should have told me. If I were not a maniacal checker, I might have gone to MDT and found I didn't have a flight.

Is this just the peril of award bookings with partner airlines?