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Welcome To Bootcamp

Discussion in 'Bootcamp' started by Matt, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. JCPoints16

    JCPoints16 JCMiling

    AWESOME! Thank you so much Renee. Sorry Matt if I create more work for you but I'm going to be sending you a message soon.
  2. montmorency

    montmorency Level 2 Member

    Googling - that's what I did in the beginning, too! It seems funny now, but back then I was determined to find out why "Walmart Kate" and not, let's say, "Walmart Jane". Kiosk At The Entrance - KATE...but Google didn't help - certain things you learn only from reading various threads and forums...
  3. Keeton

    Keeton Level 2 Member

    Hey I had a chance to review a few of the resources and really liked the content. I did try an skim through a few as well. The one thing I was curious about is if you have resources devoted to different forms of MS? I've been doing some research since the last time I mistakenly posted about different forms and I think I have a better understanding. As I get to to level two, Ill be able to provide better information. I'm also eager to be involved in more conversations.
  4. QueenoftheSkyPesos

    QueenoftheSkyPesos New Member

    Just joined; looking forward to being part of a forum that won't flame me if I dare post a question ;)
  5. QueenoftheSkyPesos

    QueenoftheSkyPesos New Member

    I'll admit I had to google "YMMV". As for KATE, yes, some things only come with time. It's really a brilliant acronym.
  6. adnan

    adnan New Member

    Great blog, I have been MSing since 2012. have not been MSing lately because I got lazy to go to Grocery store because of two kids. Now days I do high Vol Buy and Sell Process to generate between 10x to 15x (includes UR CB OD or OM and Portal), also i joined the group because there are meetup groups here so i know the time and schedule to meet up with them.
  7. J18

    J18 Level 2 Member

    Not a big fan of blogging or posting but I'm doing the required things to get me to the level 2 access. Hoping to learn more about this craft and contribute as well.
  8. NewHot

    NewHot New Member

    Hello Everyone
  9. Sephy

    Sephy Level 2 Member

    Hi Matt,
    Can I please be upgraded to level 2?

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