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Welcome To Bootcamp

Discussion in 'Bootcamp' started by Matt, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. JCPoints16

    JCPoints16 JCMiling

    AWESOME! Thank you so much Renee. Sorry Matt if I create more work for you but I'm going to be sending you a message soon.
  2. montmorency

    montmorency Level 2 Member

    Googling - that's what I did in the beginning, too! It seems funny now, but back then I was determined to find out why "Walmart Kate" and not, let's say, "Walmart Jane". Kiosk At The Entrance - KATE...but Google didn't help - certain things you learn only from reading various threads and forums...
  3. Keeton

    Keeton Level 2 Member

    Hey I had a chance to review a few of the resources and really liked the content. I did try an skim through a few as well. The one thing I was curious about is if you have resources devoted to different forms of MS? I've been doing some research since the last time I mistakenly posted about different forms and I think I have a better understanding. As I get to to level two, Ill be able to provide better information. I'm also eager to be involved in more conversations.
  4. QueenoftheSkyPesos

    QueenoftheSkyPesos New Member

    Just joined; looking forward to being part of a forum that won't flame me if I dare post a question ;)
  5. QueenoftheSkyPesos

    QueenoftheSkyPesos New Member

    I'll admit I had to google "YMMV". As for KATE, yes, some things only come with time. It's really a brilliant acronym.
  6. adnan

    adnan New Member

    Great blog, I have been MSing since 2012. have not been MSing lately because I got lazy to go to Grocery store because of two kids. Now days I do high Vol Buy and Sell Process to generate between 10x to 15x (includes UR CB OD or OM and Portal), also i joined the group because there are meetup groups here so i know the time and schedule to meet up with them.
  7. J18

    J18 Level 2 Member

    Not a big fan of blogging or posting but I'm doing the required things to get me to the level 2 access. Hoping to learn more about this craft and contribute as well.
  8. NewHot

    NewHot New Member

    Hello Everyone
  9. Sephy

    Sephy Level 2 Member

    Hi Matt,
    Can I please be upgraded to level 2?
  10. Zef

    Zef New Member

    Hello everyone! Been a travel hacker/MSer since past 3 years... Dont know how I have not come across this forum before today!

    Started MSing w/ Bluebird + KATE
    After the BB shutdown, using Simon or GC.com for VGCs and liquidating at Cub and WM
    With the 5back, used Staples for $300 VGCs, but that has recently been shutdown :(
    Unfortunately, the local Lowes is always OOS! :(

    Looking for more opportunities for MSing...
  11. scdc

    scdc New Member

    Hi everyone! Looking forward to contributing to the forum as best I can.

    I've been MSing for about 3 years, so many, really too many visits to WM.
    With some of the more typical opportunities being shut down or gobbled up quickly, I'm hoping to expand my knowledge base and hopefully help some others out like me along the way.
  12. lizmeissner

    lizmeissner Guest

    Hi Matt, This has been the greatest hobby for us since 2012. My husband and I have been all over the US and Europe and now we want to focus on cruising for more relaxed vacations. We have been MSing for a long time now and would like to be Level 2 contributors.
  13. McFreeze

    McFreeze New Member

    Same here!
  14. calvarado58

    calvarado58 New Member

    I consider myself a baby or toddler at this hobby. Looking forward to read and much as possible and contribute when I ready for it. :)

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