Want to be happier? Here's how....


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This is an excellent article and should serve as a reminder to give freely, especially with the upcoming months. This article did surprise me with the percentages of families that do not give. I firmly believe I receive much more in return vs what I give. The return isn't necessarily measured in dollars tho' as the rewards are felt internally and really can't be measured.


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The article highlights that 6/7 do not "even" give away 2% of their income. Given that our savings rate has averaged around 5% for the last decade or so, I am not sure giving away 40% of that 5% is such a great idea.


Besides, even among the poorest of us lucky enough to live in the USA (or likely the developed part of the world), 79% are already happy (though probably not "very satisfied").


That said, I do agree giving money/time/help does make you feel better. I am very suspicious of "big charity" and how in some instances the bloat can result in reverse economies of scale. I largely pick and choose the kinds of things where I can understand the impact. I totally resent when I make a gift and it seems to generate nothing but mail.

EDIT to add - the WSJ happy figures surprised me.