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USA to Mexico with MR points on United

Discussion in 'United Airlines' started by Jonathan., Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Jonathan.

    Jonathan. Super Platinum Elite Member

    I am interested in taking a one-way flight from DC (IAD) to Cancun (CUN) on United. I dont have United miles but I have MR points. I see I can transfer those to the Star Alliance via;

    Air Canada Aeroplan
    ANA Mileage Club
    Singapore KrisFlyer

    ANA doesnt allow one way award flights. Do either Singapore or Air Canada? I tried to find the points price from IAD to CUN using Singapore miles, but their mileage chart doesnt show Mexico as a zone (because presumably, Singapore air doesnt fly there).

    In short, I've never intentionally taken advantage of an alliance/partnership to book a flight with miles, and I'm hoping somebody could provide me some guidance. What are my options for a one way (nonstop) flight from IAD to CUN on United and how much would it cost points wise? Id be willing to consider round trip if necessary, but I've currently booked the return leg with southwest at a cool 3k points a ticket. I may just end up booking both legs through southwest, but wanted to check my other options, to burn other miles first.
  2. mec

    mec Silver Member


    Aeroplan seems to have United economy one way for 20k pts +$36.98

    Are you set on United or open to any flights?
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  3. mec

    mec Silver Member

    It's also 27,418 MRs at Amex travel for non-stop on United.

    And MRs to BA Avios to book on American with a stop in Charlotte...

    15000 Avios + $ 33.68
    12650 Avios + $ 73.68
    11300 Avios + $ 93.68
    10000 Avios + $ 113.68
    8450 Avios + $ 133.68
    6650 Avios + $ 163.68
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