US Bank request for SSA NUMIDENT for credit card applicant

Kim @Savy.Traveler

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This is a new one for me. We recently did a round of CC applications for my husband who is a green card holder and has an SSN. He got instant approval for US Bank's Club Carlson card, but then later got a letter asking him to call in because they couldn't verify some info.

When we called, the rep said to get the card, my husband would need to fax in a copy of his DL, paystub, lease or mortgage, and "NUMIDENT" from the Social Security Administration. I had to ask him to spell it because I had never heard of the term, but after googling, I learned that it is an acronym for "Numerical Identification System," the Social Security Administration's computer database file of an abstract of the information contained in an application for a United States Social Security number. I confirmed that we couldn't just send a copy of his SS card, which we already have, and the rep said no, get it from the SSA, which will give you a copy for free.

Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be true, and the government recently made it more difficult to get a NUMIDENT since the beginning of this year, you can no longer get one at the local office. If the NUMIDENT isn't for "program purposes" (whatever that means), it costs $16 and will take weeks to arrive. Posting this info in case anyone has any experience with this. I searched here, FT, FW, Travelcodex, etc, without finding the term, so likely most people don't. I am thinking I will let it go and just not have him apply for any more US Bank CCs anymore, but I definitely learned something new today. :)


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Sorry - I should have seen that you addressed this during your first post. To be honest, in my technical opinion it sounds like bollocks. I would suggest HUCA and steering the conversation strategically away from this term, offering instead a DL and Paystub. Something along the lines of:

"Hey I saw that you needed to confirm ID so here is my paystub/utility bill and my DL, cheers"

I have the CC card and am in the same legal place as your husband. I think this is actually a case of Chinese whisper on what is needed and you can steer your way through it by guiding the right person.