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Upgrading to Biz on a Codeshare

Discussion in 'United Airlines' started by Bear, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. Bear

    Bear Level 2 Member

    My mother (who didn't ask me first - sigh) booked a RT flight that is all under United, but the return leg is on ANA metal. We're trying to figure out if there's any way for her to upgrade to biz with miles, either UA or ANA.

    The route is IAD-EWR-PVG / SIN-NRT-IAD. She's already upgraded to Premium Economy on the outgoing leg (she bought it). She's mostly concerned about the Tokyo-DC leg, although if we could get the entire SIN-NRT-IAD upgraded that would be better.

    It's booked in fare class W, and was actually purchased, not done with miles. Is she SOL? I'm not finding anything that is giving me much hope on this. Thanks for any help/ideas.
  2. MouseStomper

    MouseStomper Level 2 Member

    Just upgraded a round trip to Chengdu. The 2 legs out are on United and cleared just fine. The leg from Chengdu to Tokyo on the way home is on ANA and didn't. I called United and ANA and was told that the ANA leg can not be upgraded. Did you end up finding a way?
  3. Bear

    Bear Level 2 Member

    No, we were consistently told it is not possible. Sorry!

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