Trip Report - one month in Asia - from First Class to (standing all day on) crammed trains


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I spent the last 30+ days in Asia, covering 6 places. I arrived by international F, and I'm presently standing on a packed 3rd class train for 9 hours back to Colombo, where I'm scheduled to fly home tonight. It has been everything I hoped for and more, with amazing experiences and amazing people. I've shared short thoughts via status update. Here I hope to give you a more thoughtful report.

I have a history of not finishing trip reports (*embarrassed look*). I hope I at least cover the few places that I consider highlights here.

Travel Highlights

Gained confidence by completing trip mostly solo.

Meeting amazing, diverse people throughout the trip.

Ethical elephant encounter and trekking the highest mountain in Thailand.

Discovering the heart warming kindness of Sri Lankan people, experiencing scenic train rides, and hiking the beautiful hill country.

Conquering the hardest hike on HK island and exploring colonial Macau.

Still discovering and loving Singapore after seven visits.

Redemption highlights

Five nights at Le Meridien Chiang Mai at old cat2 rate.

NYE in Grand Hyatt HK Executive Suite with perfect view of fireworks.

Five nights at DoubleTree Kuala Lumpur for 40k HH.

AA F out, QR J back.

Strangest hostel experience ever.

Places visited


Hong Kong


Kuala Lumpur

Chiang Mai

Colombo to Ella
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