Trip report - 4 day trip to Puerto Rico

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Among all islands in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico (“Rich Port”) is among the few to have historical as well as geographical places of interest, alongside the beaches. It is a U.S. territory, so, flights from the mainland United States are treated as domestic flights. It has tropical weather, so, a visit in the later part of the year is recommended. Public transport is poor outside of the main city of San Juan, so, if you want to explore the island, a rental car is highly recommended. Here is a recommended four-day itinerary.

Day 1
San Juan National Historic Site consists of two Spanish castles which illustrate the History of Puerto Rico since the Spanish invasion in the 15th century. Entry fee is $5 and a free shuttle not only connects the castles but will also give you a tour of the old city. It will take 3-4 hours to do a full tour of the site. Visit the birthplace of Piña Colada afterwards for a dinner. They do have virgin Piña Colada which is non-alcoholic. Spend rest of the day in the old city.


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Been to PR last weekend for a 2 days short trip. Visited Old SJ and EYNP. Stayed at Hyatt with kitchen and made meals. Being a veggie myself, played safe and ordered stuff from Subway when possible. Found that the directions are all in Spanish, I had no clue when driving over there with my GPS yelling different names....

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Yeah. Puerto Rico is more Spanish than English, specially outside San Juan. I know decent Spanish, so, I was able to manage.


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