Travel on Air Berlin w AA miles


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We have flights booked on Air Berlin over Thanksgiving made with AA miles. The latest info I can find is that the EU extended a lifeline to AB that will cover them until mid November while they look for a buyer.

As of now, the flights are showing as ticketed.

Does anyone know how these situations are handled when booked with partner miles? Will AA reroute us?

Should I be proactive with AA and look for an alternate flight?

I don't want to incur any fees for changing my flights, but I'm concerned that we'll be left stranded.

Our flights are connections within Germany, but our son's return flight is on AB to the states.

Any insights welcome - TIA!

PS - I'm not having travel karma - I also have the Sheraton Iguazu booked with pts for next Spring - they will no longer be a SPG property and may not honor the booking. I've made back up plans for this, but so far they have not contacted me regarding the reservation.


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I would expect AA to reroute you free of charge. Personally, I'd want nothing to do with AB given their dire situation.

Bummer re: Iguazu. It was on my list too. Guess I'll put the pts to other good uses.


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The reservations were made in January - I had no idea AB had any problems then. My biggest concern is that we are flying peak days - Saturdays before and after Thanksgiving. I booked Saver at the time.

If they reroute us w BA through LHR - do we have to pay the increased surcharges then?

Sheraton Iguazu is crazy expensive for not much of a room, but besides the Belmond in Brazil, it's the only game in town in or right near the falls. Was looking forward to walking right to the falls in the morning.


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I would politely insist the reroute to not be on BA. AA can open up their own space. Might require HUCA.

Normally, if I don't see any regular award space now, I would wait. If it goes south, get AA to reroute. Availability is best a few days before departure anyway.

If concerned about no availability at all during peak time, then proactively request reroute.


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I received this good news email from SPG today regarding the Sheraton Iguazu:

We see you are currently holding a reservation, confirmation number xxxxxx arriving on xx/2018 and departing on xx/2018. We are pleased to inform you that the hotel will honor your reservation for a Preferred (free) Night Award, including Cash and Points, as your stay was originally confirmed. However, since the hotel will no longer be affiliated with the Starwood system, you will not earn Starpoints for any eligible charges incurred, nor will you receive any of your Starwood Preferred Guest membership amenities or benefits. We realize this may be disappointing but hope we can count on your understanding.