Train Travel in Bavaria


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My wife and I are planning a trip to Germany in the Spring, and we plan to do most of our travel between cities by train, with the main destinations being Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin. Those major cities will obviously be little trouble for train travel. We're a little concerned about a few minor cities, though.

Has anyone tried to visit the heart of Bavaria by train? In particular, we're thinking that a day or two in Füssen might be nice. But we're not sure what to expect regarding the frequency and reliability of trains to this smaller city. Does anyone have any first hand experience with the German rail system they could share?


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On time and reliable, from my experience anyways. Didn't go to Füssen, but rode a few trains in the area.

I only have 1 bit of tiny advice...some of the trains have reserved and unreserved sections. They do not have signage in English showing this that we could find. So, we had to play musical chairs as folks got on and off, until we eventually gave up and sat at by bar.


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As one would expect, train travel in Germany is quite efficient.

I would strongly recommend visiting Nuremberg.
It is only 1 hour by train from Munich and just over 2 from Frankfurt.
A lot of tour operators from Munich run day-trips to Nuremberg.

Approximately half of Frankfurt-Nuremberg trains stop in Wurzburg...making it easy to see (a full day would "cover" Wurzburg).

I would consider flying Munich <->Berlin as it would be long train ride.
Same for Frankfurt <->Berlin.
Airfares are cheap intra-Germany with the LCC competition of AirBerlin keeping LH's pricing "reasonable".

Train travel intra-Bavaria....not so sure.
I would recommend driving for a few days.
The roads are very nice and well marked.

Perhaps pick the care up the airport/train station and return to the airport/train station....

We drove (wife, plus two teenagers) from MUC to the following places:
  • Neuschwanstein/Hohenswangau Castles (with a car you can arrive early in the a.m., before the dozens of tour busses),
  • Dachau (just outside Munich),
  • Innsbruck,
  • Salzburg,
  • Berchstasgaden,
  • Back to Munich, dropping the car off at the Hauptbahnhof (train station).
Have fun.