To Be(Loyal) or Not To Be

Hanoi IG

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This is more a statement than a question though I am interested in how deep loyalty runs. Our main program is Accor but we have some Hilton points and are members of other programs that we rarely use.

In SIN and BKK, though there are plenty of Sofitels, my wife insists on staying at Mandarin Oriental because, well if you have to ask you wouldn't want to stay there.

Our absolute all time favorite Accor property is Sofitel Plaza Hanoi, where we resided for two years and where we visit at least once a year. They always offer us amazing deals such as way below market rate and automatic suite upgrade. We are Le Club Platinum but this goes way beyond those perks.

Sadly, I just found out that the hotel is rebranding to Pan Pacific. We have 25 nights already booked and they would honor the booking. Many of my good friends are the employees there and we will miss them and the great views of Truc Bach Lake.

There is a Sofitel Legend and a really nice M Gallery in the center of town and we also have decent connections with them and have already been offered special rates at both of these hotels.

I had thought of just staying one last time at our old place as I think I'm already qualified for Platinum next year even without this stay, but I wouldn't get points and couldn't use vouchers.

Any thoughts on this?


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If you consider the staff your friends why would you NOT continue to stay there? At 25 nights a year, or more, you surely will become elite with whatever loyalty program Pan Pacific has.

Hanoi IG

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It's a thought and I considered it but new management may alter things and I stay in so many Sofitels. Tough choice but I can always take my friends out. Pan Pacific is GHA group. Doesn't look that appealing so perks would only work at this particular hotel. Still, bears considering.

Why I would not is we know one of the owners of the M Gallery for 20 years and he spoiled us when we stayed there. No views of lake but right downtown just a block from Opera House. Also the Sofitel Legend is the hotel of record and we have already been offered a pretty good deal there due to our connections.

Also staff come and go so already some of our friends have moved on to other hotels and other industries. Thanks for input! My first thought was to cancel but I am waiting to hear from the GM of the Pan Pacific as he is our friend who arranged our last few stays at Sofitel Plaza.