This is how hard the credit card churning game has gotten


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I only opened ONE new credit card in 2019 so far (it’s August now), with one more hard pull for a denial. I applied for 3 cards yesterday, all 3 are pending or denied, and judging by recent experience, they’ll probably all be denied.

A few years ago, I would have opened at least 10 cards by this time of the year; my AOR yesterday would have been 5 out of 6 successful.

Is anyone, who has been churning for a while, still at it?

The 3 cards I applied for are, in order of application:

  1. US Bank Radisson Rewards Premier : 120k after $3k spend
  2. BOA Amtrak : 40k + $100 credit after $2.5k spend
  3. Barclay Choice Privileges : 50k after $1k spend
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I've been churning for years. Recently, it's been heavily tilted to Citi AA cards. I've just gotten points for my last Citi AA biz card. I've got no apps in and no ideas.
Ditto. Waiting to see if some other Citi loophole is identified, but between the Mastercard WE conversion thing and then mailers, AA miles have been fairly easy to accumulate. And I've found many ways to use them. I miss the good old easy days already! ... Still have 2 AA cards to meet MS on and points to post from a third, but those are the last of them :(.


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I have a huge (relative to my other currencies) reservoir of AA miles so want to diversify a bit. AA + partner availability is the problem nowadays. I'm still rocking the Amex HH upgrade/downgrade thing & other Amex no lifetime clause offers, but that only gets you so far.