The Diamond Lounge in Abu Dhabi


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Question on lounge in Abu Dhabi - we have an upcoming 1 hour 45 minute layover in ABU. While checking out Amex Plat lounges, I came across The Diamond Lounge in the VIP terminal. I've been to a couple of the other lounges in ABU but not this one and wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts?

Of course - I am intrigued by the chauffeur service and am wondering how it works - is it automatic, do I need to make a reservation ahead of time, or at the time of arrival at the lounge? Not much detail on website:

NOTE: Private chauffeur service from the lounge to the departure gate is included with LoungeBuddy bookings.

We are flying Etihad J to ABU and on to CAI.

Has anyone used this lounge and the chauffeur service? I would appreciate any feedback.

I've always used either my PP card or Plat card for lounge access, never LoungeBuddy.



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Upon further digging around it appears there is a new Etihad Business Lounge since I was last in ABU. Questions answered!