Survival Tip: How to “go back” on a miles & points blog page


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It’s a well-established fact that reading good miles and points blogs is essential for survival. So when a basic functionality stops working, our well-beings are at jeopardy. That’s why I’m here to share a tip, in hopes of restoring order to our lives.

Recently, a new signature has emerged for the VIPs of miles and points blogs. At several such important blogs, the back button on your browser will seemingly do nothing. No longer does it go back to the previous page. Clicking again yields the same result. You’re stuck on the same page, with nowhere to go! Panicking questions like “should I read the article again?” rush to your brain as you hopeless jam the back button hoping for a miracle.

I know I’m not the only one who’s been driven to the edge by this breach of order!

At the same time, it must be comforting as the owners of the affected blogs to know that you are part of an elite group of blogs, as this issue does not seem to affect small-time blogs – like this one.

With so much at stake, I decided to look into this. And I have good news: there is a way to make the back button work again!

Full disclosure: if you start getting this problem on this blog, it’s a pure coincidence. It’s definitely not because I was trying to learn how to make it happen in order to get on the A-list.

That’s not all. If you keep reading, you’ll get the solution to make it work on both a desktop AND mobile device. So scroll on down, and enjoy the wonderful ads on the way.

The Solution

Let’s take the popular blog One Mile at a Time for example. I’m on the article {Switzerland’s Brilliant “No Drama” Ad Campaign} . The key on a desktop Chrome is to hold the back button for 2 seconds, and you’ll see this:

Did you notice something interesting? While the same page occupies the last 9 pages in the back button, the 10th page is a different page! That means you only have to click the back button 10 times to escape this eternal deadlock.

Here’s another example from the always-reliable Frequent Miler blog. On the article “What are Wyndham points worth?”, it only repeats in the back history 11 times. That means you have to click the back button 12 times to reach a previous page!

We’re not completely sure why some pages occupy more back history than others. We hypothesize that Google’s artificial intelligence system automatically assigns a worthiness score based on the content of the article, because clearly, better articles justify more attention, so logically you should have to make more effort to get away from it.

This life-saving tip works very similarly on a mobile device. On an Android, hold the back button to achieve the same freedom. On an iPhone, you’ll want to hold the back button to achieve the same freedom as Android and PC.

In a Nutshell

Admittedly, this isn’t exactly the same as how it worked before. You have to hold the back button for a few seconds and select the previous page. But all things considered, we believe this is a much more comforting solution than the alternates of clicking on the logo to go to the main page or typing a URL to go to a different page, which would totally break the habit.

Has this tip increased your sanity?

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