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Subscribing to The Economist

Discussion in 'Welcome, and General Discussion' started by Risk, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Risk

    Risk Level 2 Member

    My hard-copy subscription to The Economist will be expiring soon. My initial subscription last year was with the American miles. Now, neither American nor Delta list The Economist among their magazine offerings. United has it for 3,200 miles. On Amazon, an annual subscription is $127.

    I am inclined to renew with the United miles. Before I do, I'd like to get a sanity check if there are better options and if I'm missing some opportunities.
  2. kingabraham3

    kingabraham3 Level 2 Member

    if you have enough spirit miles (which would be an embarrassing fact about you) use those obviously. Otherwise Delta also has for 3,200 and those are worth considerably less to most people than United miles (and also Amex transfer partner).

    Edit: and yes Delta does have it available: https://www.magsformiles.com/20000710/
  3. Risk

    Risk Level 2 Member

    I have plenty of things to be embarrassed about, but Spirit miles is not one of them.

    On the other hand, I am dumbfounded how I could miss The Economist at Delta. Earlier today, I did not just look for it, I searched for the word "economist" and my browser did not find it.

    Anyway, it's great news that I can use my Delta miles. Thank you!
  4. dwpinkston

    dwpinkston New Member

    why not go to your local library and get a membership? if they have an online periodical then you can download the Economist and not pay any money.

    i do this on my Amazon Fire for free. Zinio is the app. i have approximately 15 magazines i read every month.

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