Staples Sync going sour


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So Amex Sync, has this offer that gives back $15 when spending $100 ONLINE.
First, I didn't read the words ONLINE, and I went to buy some GC at the store and later had a rude awakening
Then, later, I tried to do it right and order some cleaning products that had a very nice promotion and discounts and after discounts added up to $104. Then I used other Synced Amex to order a $50 Banana republic GC and packaging stuff that also had some nice promo discount. To my surprice, Each order was fractionated and shipped in three separate boxes and BILLED SEPARATELLY. Instead a paying $104 to Staples y payed $9.25, $41.98 and $52.77. When I called, they told me the items come from different warehouses and each of them send their own invoice. So , no $15 x2.
Still debating whether to return the items or not since the discount I got was still very good and most of those items are cheaper than amazon and other stores.
It really broke my heart to miss x5 UR on $400. My self esteem is very low these days and I am having suicidal thoughts. I am working hard with a MS therapist to recover from this trauma. I appreciate how supportive the community has been.