SQ Saver Awards


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Is there a quick way to search these? I know that I will have to use Kris Flyer miles as it doesn't seem that there are ever award flights for partner airline miles. This is fine as it's our airline of choice. Saver Business is 92K while the Standard is 135K though you get a free stopover with the standard. The flight I'm seeking never seems to have Saver availability.

Secondary question: The fare would be $3368 so if I book standard award that about 2.5 cents for the miles, not wonderful value. On the other hand free is free. I think I've done a better job of earning than burning. Is there a value in the free stopover? Thanks.


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No quick way to search. I've booked a few times always around 330 days out. They also open up closer to departure. You should be able to waitlist a few dates. SQ waitlisted awards seems to come available fairly often.


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AwardNexus is a fairly quick way to search multiple dates for saver awards, and can be automated. +1 on the utility of SQ waitlist.

Is there a value in the free stopover?
If you want to stop over, there may be.