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Significant amounts of free Marriott points via Twitter

Discussion in 'Marriott' started by El Ingeniero, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. El Ingeniero

    El Ingeniero Level 2 Member

    I learned this from Doctor of Credit, who got it from someone on Reddit.

    The instructions on this linkshould be good for at least 350 free points per week (350 for me since 9/14), by sending out a daily tweet and replying to @Marriott tweets:
    As a lagniappe, Marriott are running a Sunday afternoon promotion with the NFL, where you answer a tweeted football question for 1000 points:
    I set my wife up on this as well. Looking forward to a few free days or another 15K SPG points or a huge devaluation, as the case may be.
  2. italdesign

    italdesign Level 2 Member

    A bunch of comments on DoC post saying points not posting / looks dead as of last week. Reality?
  3. El Ingeniero

    El Ingeniero Level 2 Member

    Marriott points activity shows I got 50 points for a daily tweet on Sunday, but not yesterday. My IFTT applet for the daily tweet goes off at 4:15 pm. Hard to say.
  4. El Ingeniero

    El Ingeniero Level 2 Member

    So it looks like they may have tech to deal with automation.
  5. El Ingeniero

    El Ingeniero Level 2 Member

    I'm like a dog with a bone: not done chewing till the bone is gone.

    Per the #MRpoints FAQ, you can't make more than 2,500 Marriott points per calendar year on the promotion:
    Up to you whether automation has any value to you. I've turned off my IFTTT automation and set a google calendar reminder to turn it back on at the beginning of 2018.
  6. dukerau

    dukerau Level 2 Member

    Limit is 45,000 per year. They upped it a few weeks ago. I'm manually doing tweets and getting 50 points per day.
  7. El Ingeniero

    El Ingeniero Level 2 Member

    So they dislike the automation?
  8. dukerau

    dukerau Level 2 Member

    I don't know. I'm doing it manually to avoid any adverse action. I did stop receiving the 50 daily points today, but people on FT say the same happened to them. Hoping it's a glitch.
  9. DrAwesome81

    DrAwesome81 Level 2 Member

    The 50 point retweet bonus appears to have been shut down. However, they are doing 1000 pt bonuses on Sundays, if you correctly answer an NFL trivia question.

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