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See your Official(?) Chase X/24 Count (their's is Less than my count)

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by knick1959, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. knick1959

    knick1959 Level 2 Member

    I've had a couple of days off and a long-term school commitment just ended, so I've been reading more online things that usual. I followed an FM link in THIS post:

    which led me to a new Chase-backed credit score site. Seems similar to Credit Karma or Credit Sesame, but way fewer features. The site is actually referencing TransUnion, branded with the Chase name.

    Edit: here is the direct link to Chase's Credit Journey site:

    The one thing this does offer that other sites don't is the count of opened accounts in the last 2 years. Is this Chase's official count? I'm going to hope so, because it's lower than what I manually count from my report directly. Here's a section of my page with 2 personal amounts edited out and my count circled:

    Manually counting myself, I was "down to" 24, but I counted my AU accounts. Perhaps Chase has adjusted? I see 7 AU account still showing for me. Taking those off MY count makes our counts much closer.

    This site requires you to enter personal info including the last 4 of your SSN, and does ask you various multiple choice questioned mined directly from your credit report (ex: which of the following streets have you need associated with in the past including a NONE option). This is no different from the other 2 credit monitoring sites I mentioned.

    One other perhaps important observation. Another link on that page talked about some Chase customers seeing their "offers" at the bottom of the main account screen. I see nothing, but perhaps that's because I HAVE nothing (noting the 15/24 count :)). But if you click on the upper-left menu icon in the new interface (it's officially called a hamburger icon for whatever reason), I found an "offers" menu option there. I still have nothing :(. I am not sure if this list would match what you find by checking in-person. Just pointing it out.
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  2. pointsaholic

    pointsaholic Love this game!

    This is good info --- Unfortunately, mine is 28 :(
  3. GetawaysRus

    GetawaysRus Level 2 Member

    I looked at this as well. It matches with what I can also see at Credit Karma.

    Remember, however, that the total number of accounts in the past 24 months includes authorized user accounts and store credit cards. So I've got several new accounts which are are my wife's accounts (and I am an authorized user to help her meet the spend) and I also show a new account which was for a Target card (that I only use as Target).

    I'm under the impression that if I were to apply for a new Chase card and get turned down, I could make a recon call and ask them to disregard the AU accounts and the Target account from my 24 month history. I hope that's true.... I'm planning to apply for a Sapphire Reserve in mid-2017. I will still be above 5/24 according to Credit Journey, but under 5/24 if they don't count the AU accounts and the Target store card.

    Here's how to do this same thing at creditkarma.com. After sign-on:
    1. Click “Credit Reports” on the left side of the screen
    2. Under “Accounts,” select either Equifax or TransUnion (whichever shows more accounts)
    3. Click the “Credit Cards” blue link under Equifax (or TransUnion)
    4. You get a list of accounts. Click “Open Date” to sort by that column. If needed, click again to reverse the sort (to most recent first)
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
  4. R.R.

    R.R. Level 2 Member

    Interesting exercise -- I'm listed at 23 new accts in past 24 months.
  5. baffld

    baffld Level 2 Member

    This is a great site. Mine says I've opened 6, with 3 inquiries. Will check again in Feb and March to see if it drops. Maybe I can safely go into a Chase bank and apply for the CSR before that bonus ends after all. Thank you, knick1959!
  6. Belisarius

    Belisarius Level 2 Member

    Shows me with a 815 credit score and 13/24. Seems a little light, but that's probably a function of multiple combined inquiries.
  7. Dangaroo

    Dangaroo Level 2 Member

    So I'm seeing 17 opened accounts in prior 2 yrs, but my count of just my own cards (not including AUs, and there are no store cards) is 37 opened accounts since Feb 2015 (threw out Jan 2015 just in case they do). So my count is 20 off.

    Two theories for the difference:
    • Of those 37 cards I have exactly 17 open
    • Somehow doesn't include duplicate cards - i.e. getting the same card multiple times (but this doesn't make sense, and this brings my number down to 25-27 depending on what you count as a duplicate)
    Can anyone else compare their "Opened Accounts" number to their manual Opened & Active count.

    Makes me wonder, if Chase uses this source, do they just count Opened & Active vs. simply Opened. My count of 17 Opened & Active seems very coincidental that it matches with their count.
  8. Belisarius

    Belisarius Level 2 Member

    My two cents:
    • Both Credit Karma and Chase Journey use Transunion 3.0 and my credit score is identical on both...
    • But Chase Journey lists me at 13/24 open accounts. Credit Karma has me at 18/24 open
    • Re:duplicates. Could Chase view a consecutive opening and closing of the same product as a lost/stolen "same" account rather than a new account? If so, that means you could churn certain cards with no consideration to 5/24
  9. cavil

    cavil Level 2 Member

    Geez...I feel so inadequate compared to you guys---I'm at only 3/24 and the third of those three is the CSR I got in Dec. Once I started MSing the impetus to keep opening new cards just wasn't there anymore.
  10. R.R.

    R.R. Level 2 Member

    I'm the opposite. If there are opportunities for new cards with bonuses, the impetus for MS (which I enjoy less) is reduced.
  11. knick1959

    knick1959 Level 2 Member

    You have to MS quite a bit to get a 50k bonus. I prefer the automatic huge multiplier inferred by a signup bonus (Spend 3k, get 53k = 17.67x). I still generate spend the Hard Way, but always on the lookout for those multipliers!
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2017
  12. R.R.

    R.R. Level 2 Member

    Precisely my preferences!
  13. Barefootwoman

    Barefootwoman Level 2 Member

    I'm showing 15 cards in 24 months, 3 inquiries. Sounds about right. Most of those were opened in the first quarter of 2015, so the number should be dropping here in a few months, I guess too late for the big CSR bonus.

    Utilization rate is only 3%, I guess they're just out against the churners, lol

    In theory, I could just say f*ck the CSR and keep getting other cards, in essence, I would never get back down to below 5/24.
  14. R.R.

    R.R. Level 2 Member

    That's kinda where I'm at right now, since there are still numerous worthwhile cards to get (for the first time) or to churn. As those run out, I'll probably change my tune.
  15. knick1959

    knick1959 Level 2 Member

    My count has dropped to 10 by what this page says now, but that's still a LONG way (and many months) from 5 ... or below.

    Right now I'm a bit frozen in place myself. I see the 3/12 deadline coming (where, after that, the in-branch bonus isn't as big of a deal, and maybe I'll see if I can swap my CSP for it) and I keep looking ... hoping ... for an angle. OTOH, my list of cards I'd like to shoot for keeps growing: Barclays Arrival+ and Wyndham, another Citi AA app and perhaps HH Reserve again, AMEX Delta cards (never had one). Also toying around with other hotel cards ... perhaps a Choice Priv card.

    I'm frozen on my credit card thinking right now, but that will subside shortly after 3/12. I'm also still trying to figure out if the SW CP is right for me. I was waffling heavily for it (using Marriott + SPG points), now not so much. March will be an anxious month of thinking, starting now I guess.

    Any long-shot ideas? If I'm at 10/24 with a long-standing Chase history (checking and a couple of long-term cards), what can I do to get pre-approved? Some one suggested opening a business checking, or perhaps a personal savings. I read elsewhere that carrying a balance and paying interest for one month might toggle a switch. Sort of late in the game for that, but ... ??? All of it would be guessing, but I'm willing to experiment in this short window!
  16. Dangaroo

    Dangaroo Level 2 Member

    That's what I've decided. 2016 wasn't a breakneck pace, but still managed to earn over 1.5mil points just from sign-up bonuses + free nights not included in that count and I don't MS. Skipping out on that many points x 2 yrs just isn't worth it for 100k UR (assuming it's 100k at the time and Chase's rules are still the same in 2yrs when my new cards finally fall off).

    I have a friend over 5/24 who is holding out hoping she can get approved for the CSR prior to March. Meanwhile, in the past two months, I've gotten 2x Citi 60k AA, Barclay 40k AA, and Disney $200 (slim pickings at Chase, I know). So while she's applied for nothing with the HOPE of getting 100k UR (and ultimately might be unsuccessful) I've grabbed another 160k AA and $200 Disney.
  17. Barefootwoman

    Barefootwoman Level 2 Member

    A few weeks back, I stopped in at a Chase Private Client branch to see about a pre-approval. They were falling all over themselves to get my business because they started asking me about moving other accounts at Vanguard, Ameritrade, etc. under their control. They were creepy acting - like used car sales people. I told them what I really wanted was a CSR. They called "Lending" - and pleaded the case, but still could not an approval. I opened a checking and savings account - still no approval. From where I sit, I don't see them doing anything further for me until more time passes and I don't get any more cards - but as you all have mentioned - the opportunity cost of sitting this out while waiting for them on just that one card.
  18. knick1959

    knick1959 Level 2 Member

    I have a plan. It's actually written down on paper, so that makes it official! Well, it's what I was thinking last week, and I went to research and think a little more tonight. In doing so, I figured some things out about the count of "new accounts last 2 years" that this site shows.

    I am still at 10. I wondered when another might drop off, so I went to CreditKarma and got an update, then accessed my TU report. I counted the accounts I have opened since 2/20/2015. There are 20. But only 10 are still open. So, the site referenced above is giving only a count of the still-open accounts for the last 2 years. Can anyone check to see if this is correct for them?

    Maybe this site has given me false hope. Even at 10 I was going to take a gamble. Because, as I reported a couple posts above, I'm frozen in my thinking, holding out hope for the CSR. And time is running out for the 100k bonus. So, I was going to go in-branch and just apply for it. And expect rejections. But if my official count is actually 20? It's only a credit pull, right (TU has me at 9 interestingly enough).

    Question: If I am rejected for the CSR in-branch, I can apply for a different card at home and not waste the credit pull, right? I'll have to find a card that isn't under 5/24. I recently acquired the Marriott Biz, so that's out.

    Once I am free of the burden of hoping for a CSR miracle, I've got a ... well, I was going to call it short, but it isn't ... a list of cards to apply for. Not all at once, as my capacity to MS for MSR was cut with the demise of the Buxx cards. I still have capacity for some activity spread out over a couple of months. This would be making my current 10/24 or 20/24, whatever it is, the low point in much larger stats.
  19. Dangaroo

    Dangaroo Level 2 Member

    I had noted the same premise above - of 37 total open, only showing 17 on the site, which was the exact number I had open at the time. It now has me at 15 "Opened Cards" in prior 2yrs which is the same I still have open from the prior 2 years.

    The main unknown we still had though, is whether Chase uses this number for 5/24 or if it uses actual opened cards (regardless of current status).

    What we need if someone who was opened let's say 10 cards in the prior 2yrs but only shows 4 on the site because they've closed 6 of them. That person needs to apply for a 5/24 Chase card and see what happens. That's the datapoint we need.
  20. knick1959

    knick1959 Level 2 Member

    Oops. You are right, I see that now. Well, then I've added weight to your theory.
    That would be ideal. However, if someone (perhaps me) was OVER 5/24 any way you looked at it and was denied ... AND could pry out of Chase why including the exact count they see (and they gave this to me once, calling into the recon line for my wife's application for something a while ago. In my case, I would expect it to be a 10 or a 20.
  21. milesfortravel

    milesfortravel Level 2 Member

    So, I think my husband is that data point. He's at 5/24 on CreditKarma but 3/24 on the Chase Journey site. Yes, 2 of the 5 accounts on CreditKarma are closed, 3 are still open. (He had a pre-approval for CSR earlier. Dang! I wish we had jumped on it!) We went into the branch a week ago to apply for his CSR. Got the 7-10 day message. I've checked the phone app status line & still getting 7-10 day msg. I am fully expecting a denial, but will update when we get the letter.
  22. Josh F

    Josh F Level 2 Member Charity Forum Mod

    Chase Credit Journey said I was 5/24, but I know I was 4/24. I applied for a Southwest Card and was instantly approved. So, something doesn't match up
  23. milesfortravel

    milesfortravel Level 2 Member

    Yup, got the denial today. Decision based on "too many credit cards opened in the last two years associated with you."
    My husband will drop to 4/24 on April 20th. I think I've read somewhere that sometimes a card will drop off earlier, like at the beginning of the month. (Has anyone else seen DPs on this?) I'm thinking of taking him in to apply again on March 10th and then waiting until the beginning of April (I think you have 30 days from time of application) to call to plead the case at Chase reconsideration.
  24. knick1959

    knick1959 Level 2 Member

    I spent the past week rereading all I could find on 5/24, the possible angles and this morning, more importantly, the success statistics from applying when over 5/24. I keep forgetting, and it's important to remember, that 5/24 is a non-starter. You have to be UNDER 5/24. I thought I would just apply, but to get the good bonus I'd have to go in. Didn't feel like a good use of time. I decided to forget about Chase and re-made my list of apps to shoot for and figured I'd just go ahead and start today.

    Still, at the last second I had an impulse. Having just acquired the SW Companion Pass and my first SW mile (now 120k) I thought more couldn't hurt! So I took a shot at the SW Premium Biz card. I applied after signing onto SW. Pending ("we'll let you know within 30 days"). I won't call, I will wait it out. Hard pull probably wasted, but I was going to pile on a few today, so what the heck.

    I was then immediately approved for the Barclay's Arrival Plus. Pending on the Wyndham card (would be my second) ... figured that one was easiest. Dare I pile on a Choice Priv card today (Update: Done ... also pending. Funny with the chains of the CSR/Chase gone how liberated I am feeling :))? Have a couple of others to ponder. And then to look at my wife's possibilities.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2017
  25. aviator8

    aviator8 Level 2 Member

    My 2 cents here. The number on this site is not what Chase is looking at. My own records showed 6 in 24 months, but this site showed me as 4/24. I went in branch to apply for the CSR hoping that 4/24 was what Chase would see. It went pending so I called in and was told to many apps in the past 24 months. He read through each which totaled to 6 not 4.
  26. Mars

    Mars New Member

  27. MickiSue

    MickiSue Level 2 Member Supporter

    As long as we're talking about apps, can I mention something that really really annoys me? Those auto generated questions. I got divorced from my first husband in 1988. I had a question a couple of years ago, when getting my free credit report, about where my ex's brother lives. How the hell would I know?

    A couple of months ago, it was about the year of manufacture of a car I bought in 1997. Could they at least limit things to the past 10 years?
  28. Mancolt

    Mancolt Level 2 Member

    Mine is showing 3, but I have opened 4 within the last year; 3 with Chase, 1 Amazon store card. Although one of those 3 with Chase is an Ink Preferred, so perhaps that's why it's showing 3?

    I was thinking about getting the Chase Southwest Personal and Business Cards, but wanted to make sure I was well under 5/24 before trying that. I don't want to open one of them, only to be declined for the other. Now I'm torn given that this is showing 3. I'd also really like to get the Ink Cash for the 5x categories...decisions decisions.
  29. Josh F

    Josh F Level 2 Member Charity Forum Mod

    I understand (please double check with other sources, since I'm not 100%) that you need to be under 5/24 to open a Business Card, but that Business Cards don't count against 5/24. If that's the case you should get approved for the Business Card First than the Personal Card...

    I also found that the # displayed in the site is not consistent with your actual 5/24.
  30. MickiSue

    MickiSue Level 2 Member Supporter

    Possibly. But the 5/24 isn't the only, or even the most important consideration with Chase for biz cards. IME, they DO want to know that you have a legitimate, profitable business that's been around for a while. I have business cards from Amex and Barclay, and for exactly none did I have to talk to a human to get the card--including a biz Amex Platinum, which, in theory, has no credit limit.

    The only card that went to pending, and was ultimately denied was the SW biz. But, really, with a jumpstart of 50K, it's not THAT hard to get the next 60.
  31. Mancolt

    Mancolt Level 2 Member

    MickiSue -I've been reading as many posts on this forum as I have time for, and I continually see your name. You are clearly quite knowledgeable. I'm not a level 2 member (yet, hopefully will be soon), but I look forward to learning more about MS techniques and how to hit $60k in spend without much difficulty. I've been considering reselling, but haven't tried it yet, other than occasional ebay sales over the years when I wanted to get rid of extra stuff I had. In the last month, I've MSed only about $3k. I could ramp that up, but I also don't want to get too greedy and get shutdown and lose all of my UR points. I'm not sure if my MS method is safe or high-risk, so I don't want to start doing too much before I know more (as Matt said, "hogs get slaughtered").

    I had a similar experience getting the 1 Chase biz card as you mention above. They didn't quite grill me as they have others, but they asked several questions and initially denied me, and I had to request an on the spot recon. Fortunately, I was prepared with most of the answers so nothing really tripped me up during the questioning. I'm not looking forward to that "interview" process again, but I do really want the Ink Cash in case they're planning to discontinue it and replace it with a lesser version of the Ink Preferred.

    I'm thinking of having my girlfriend sign up for the SW Personal and Business cards since she's only at 1/24 (a CSP, at the same time I got the CSR), but I would like to wait until January of next year to do that so we can get the Companion pass for as long as absolutely possible. And then, when our 2 years runs out, I would apply for both if I'm able to. I may end up churning too much to ever apply myself though. I guess we'll see.
  32. MickiSue

    MickiSue Level 2 Member Supporter

    FWIW, my POV on waiting till the first of the year to maximize the CP is that I'll take the best offers over a few extra months. In reality, the chance that, say, a CP earned in Feb will get substantially more use over the course of 23 months than one earned in July will over 18 months is small, based on the amount of travel that Husband and I currently do. And an extra 15-20K miles matters more to me than the extra 5 months.

    For short domestic flights, those extra miles will get another RT for one, nearly two people.
  33. Barefootwoman

    Barefootwoman Level 2 Member

    Some blog posts indicate that the Chase IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Card may not count toward 5/24, other blog suggests are more adamant that it does not count.

    Any way to know for sure? any recent data points? Thank you.
  34. GEN

    GEN New Member


    My IHG was 10th card in past 24 months and successfully opened at the end of last month. No need for recon or anything like that. Is there any way to know for sure? Of course the plural of anecdote is not data (sadly), but I haven't come across 5/24 as a reason for denial for an IHG card.

    DOC (as well as other sources) reports it as non 5/24.
  35. seespotjump

    seespotjump Level 2 Member

    Yes, you need to be under 5/24 to open any Chase cards. This includes cards from all banks, but business cards are not included. The only way to get around this is if you are pre-approved for cards, which you usually have to check in branch for.

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