Sears - need a new refrigerator


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Storm surge killed my old one, time for another. Going for a less expensive model for now, remodel in the next couple of years.

Wanted to see if I was missing anything....

Top Cash back to for GC's, most likely with United Mileage Plus card to meet the MS. Upromise to for the purchase.

I have $30.00 in SYWR points, and coupons that will take off another $50, with free delivery.

Am I missing anything?


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That's about what I did on Monday. I didn't do GC so I can use Amex CC for extended 1yr warranty. I'm unsure if United Mileage Plus give any extra purchase protection for return or price drop.

Side note, how do you cash out the SYWR points? I don't usually shop at Sears, and they expire fast...


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go down to a local post office and ask for a booklet of mover's coupons. a lot of the time, they'll have 10% off at sears. if you have a friend or relative in the military, they also offer a 10% discount


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Thought I should update with what the final tally was:

Regular Price: $1435.97
Sale Price savings: -$450.00
SYW Coupon Savings:-$50.00
SYW Surprise Points: -$7.00
Sales Tax: +$64.05
Total Sales Cost: $918.02

Paid with $740.00 GC from Raise - Cost $681.04
TCB 2% on Raise Purchase- -$13.62
TCB for 6% on Purchase- -$51.23
Balance on CC- $178.02
Total Paid after CB= $794.21

Not the most amazing deal ever. However, it was the only retailer available to me for free delivery and installation that could deliver withing the following week. I have a Home Depot close enough to deliver, but they were 2 weeks out on their schedule.


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Something I have used is Discover price protection and using the discover deals for cashback if its better then the others shown on The trick is to get the appliance when they offer hundreds in points back so the face price is high then match it to Best Buy, Lowes or Home Depot within the pricematch window to get a refund from Discover. I got a 50in plasma for $150 last year becase of this, rumor has it and others have confirmed that they will also price match black Friday prices with price protection. Just be sure you get the right model. The price you got its pretty good. I wish I would have got my card in with the double cashback promo they had going for a short time people are making a killing with applepayments 10% cb everywhere up to 1k - doubled if you got in on that promo.