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Saving money to help control debt

Discussion in 'Debt Management and Control' started by linda nguyen, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. linda nguyen

    linda nguyen Level 2 Member

    I’m posting some of the things that I use or have used to help save money and reduce bills. A lot of times people aren't willing to get rid of things such as internet, cable, etc. I'm a big believer in trying to cutdown on costs and if you aren't willing to ditch a service or goods that you use then this might be helpful. One of the services is services that can help cut your bills that you spend on typically monthly. A few of the services are: BillFixers, Billshark and BillCutterz that take on the sometimes painful process of calling cable, phone and internet companies to negotiate for a better package. Technically I could do the same thing that these services do but because I know won’t take the time to do it I rather pay someone to do it and know that I will save some money.
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  2. heavenlyjane

    heavenlyjane Level 2 Member

    Wow I am intrigued. Do you have any experience doing this Linda? Any way to distinguish these three companies? I have already noted a difference in the fees: BillFixers charges 50% of savings, Billshark 40% and BillCutterz 50%.
  3. linda nguyen

    linda nguyen Level 2 Member

    Well before finding them I did actually call ATT and get a lower rate. Unfortunately this was after I had paid a year or more of leaving my ATT at full price after the last promo expired. These are the things that you can't let happen....paying full price with the intention to call but not doing it. If you aren't going to do it might as well pay some money for someone else to do it. I will probably give Billshark a try for some of my other stuff. I will report back.
  4. Mancolt

    Mancolt Level 2 Member

    I submitted my Verizon Wireless bill. I'll post an update once I find out if they were able to negotiate any savings.
  5. bifslipson

    bifslipson New Member

    I'd be interested to see the results too. I've contacted Billcutterz in the past, but never proceeded. We're at almost a year+ in the new house so all of these promo rates are winding down.

    The other way to save is to check at work. My large company gave me a 15% discount on wireless. My wife's small, local company got us 20%. always pays to ask your benefits dept if you are missing out on one of these benefits.
  6. Mancolt

    Mancolt Level 2 Member

    My large company gives me a 20% discount on my Verizon bill, though it works out to be less than 20% after all line fees, phone payments, etc are factored in. I've been taking advantage of that since I started working there 7+ years ago.

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