San Diego meetup...


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Anyone out there open to a meetup in the SD area?
I live in central San Diego. I'm open to a meetup sometime. There are meetups for lunch or dinner approximately once a month planned on flyertalk--check out the community buzz section if you are interested. The next one is in early December; I'll be at it.


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We're having dinner at Pho T Cali on Sunday, December 7. it's posted on FT. Folks have figured out who is doing Manufactured Spend and by the end of the meal have moved to sit next to those folks. I hear a lot of chat going on. And it's a great time to find fellow points/miles enthusiasts. We generally get 20-25 people.


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That sounds like fun. I'll be at FTU DC that weekend, and won't get back to SD til about 10pm. Looks like I'm going to miss this one :(