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Robot Lawnmower - how to get a deal?

Discussion in 'M.S.R.P' started by Panache, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Panache

    Panache Level 2 Member

    We are fed up with the weekly mowing of almost 3/4 acre (with a pushmower, no less!). It is good excercise, and lawn tractors are not cheap (I always advocated that I rather spend that kind of money on travel than stuff). That said, 3 hours a week mowing is a lot of time wasted and time to think of alternatives.

    So, instead of going the riding mower route or hiring a lawn service ($60/week for my yard), I am strongly considering a robot mower. These are quite popular in Europe. I have come to love our robot vacuums and think a robot mower is a logical next step.

    The models I'm considering are:
    Husqvarna Automower 430x
    MSRP $2,600. Usually sold on ebay for about $100 less than MSRP, along with other no-name internet sellers.

    Or Robomow RS 630:

    MSRP $2,500; same price on ebay and same lesser known (to me, at least) equipment sales sites.

    Both also on amazon on 3rd party sellers and usually more expensive.

    Other than ebay, I don't see options for cashback (seems ebay lately is 1% or 2% at best?) or other ways to get a deal. On amazon, the price is also only through 3rd party sellers and quite stable. I see on camelcamelcamel some occasional, significant dips in prices (50% or so), but I do wonder if those are pricing mistakes, as they seem to only last a day. I have set up alerts on camelcamelcamel.

    So, what would be the Saverocity suggested route to shave of a few or several $100 or earn as many points as possible on this? I would like to avoid the 5x ebay GC at Staples, etc route, as I would like to get the extended warranty by paying with a CC.

    Thanks for any insights!

    Edit to correct prices.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2017
  2. madage

    madage Level 2 Member

    I did not know this was a thing, but now I really want one of those Husqvarna models.
  3. Panache

    Panache Level 2 Member

    I have been eyeing these for some time, but have always been concerned about the price and some negative reviews. But I've been reading more and 1) software has improved and 2) it does take some tinkering and patience to lay a wire in the grass for the unit to go around flowerbeds, small trees and property lines. 3) Dips and holes need to be filled and one still needs to touch up along edges, etc. with a string trimmer, and the first mow in the spring and the last one in the fall needs to be done with a regular mower as these things can't handle sticks and leaves. So it's a 95% solution, not 100% but still, that sounds worth it to me :). More time to run around and buy MOs.

    I do wonder why they are not more popular here, guess mostly because they are meant for smaller lawns. I've been reading some European robot blogs/forums and they seem such a time saver. Cost is on the same order as many mid-range riding mowers and, with a rider, you still have to be out in the July heat chugging away sitting on top of a hot engine + buy a shed to store it in and all.

    Once the tax refund comes in, I'll pull the trigger and gladly write a review for anyone interested. In the meantime, I am all ears on suggestions on how to get the price lower:)
  4. dockers

    dockers Level 2 Member

    Can get Amazon GCs for 5% off (really, for 5x URs) @ Office Max/Depot or Staples if you've got an Ink card.

    Edit: Ack, sorry, just re-read and noticed you said you wanted to avoid this so you can keep the CC ext warranty intact.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2017
  5. newaliases

    newaliases Just an alias

  6. Panache

    Panache Level 2 Member

    Cool! I do need the bigger 430 mower for my area, but good to know! I'm going to avoid the ebay/amazon GC route at Staples since I would like the CC purchase protection....Thanks for feedback!

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