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Retention Bonuses

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by VaTraveler, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. Cytraveler

    Cytraveler Level 2 Member

    I called recently for personal plat. Got nothing; he said call back closer tot he month cutoff. It's true that I haven't spent much on it - and what's really irritating is that I had the 100k clawed back. I got the biz plat in January and have put more spend on that, paying taxes (I have lots of taxes...). So we'll see in another couple weeks, but I'm not too optimistic.
  2. DavidNJ

    DavidNJ Level 2 Member

    Received 30K pts retention for Amex Platinum & Wife & I both had $69 fee waived for our Barclay's Wyndham 2 pt cards for 3rd year in a row. We each receive 15K Wyndham pt bonus on anniversary.
  3. MouseStomper

    MouseStomper Level 2 Member

    Called today for retention on SPG personal. Got nothing.
  4. turtlelurker

    turtlelurker Level 2 Member

    Got the Amex Plat last may when they had the 100k bonus and AF came up end of May...
    I called several times before that to see what kind of retention bonus I could get and max I got was 10k (after all the offers of redeeming my points towards AF!o_O No thank you) Decided I would wait till AF posts and call again.
    Called in today (BTW direct number to retention: 1 (800) 452-3945) and spoke to a nice man Kevin who right of the bat gave me the best offer he saw available on my account $150 or 15k after 3k and 5k immediately to keep the card. I asked him about a 30k offer and he said if it was here I would give it to you but thats all it shows me for now.

    Interesting things Kevin did tell me was :

    1) He could see how many times I called in before to speak to someone about this matter

    2) He mentioned that retention offers change very often. He said one time he saw it change from an offer to no offer in a matter of 30 minutes from someone who happened to call in twice and that he has no control over it. I told him I would keep on calling till I get the 30k offer or until my 30 days are up and he seemed fine with it!

    Hope at least some of that DP was helpful :)
  5. haserfauld

    haserfauld Level 2 Member

    Also working the AMEX Plat angle. I don't hold any other MR cards, though, so I may be stuck keeping it if even if I don't get the answer I want.
  6. Panache

    Panache Level 2 Member

    I can only play the HUCA game so long. After 2 calls to get some offer on Amex MB Plat and nothing, I canceled. Only $4K spend on card, though.
    On PRG, I got a 10 K point offer for $1 K spend when I called 2 months ago or a $75 statement credit. Took the credit but now I regret paying $100 for a card I barely use.

    Got the 2x SPG offer on $10K spend on my SPG biz card so kept it open as SO has sights on a week in Paris next year. With those 20 K SPG, we will have more than enough for Marriott Cat 8.

    Guess this will be the year of the Amex cull for me -- SPG personal is next in Sept....
  7. Dangaroo

    Dangaroo Level 2 Member

    Called in 1.5 weeks ago on wife's Amex Plat after seeing multiple reports of $300/30k offers and best I could get was 5k now + 15k for spend. My plan was actually to get a retention bonus and then still cancel the card since her AF was due now and didn't want to pay it regardless since she's a free AU on my ameriprise right now. HUCA'd and got the same offer. Decided not worth it and cancelled.
  8. kurt9769

    kurt9769 Level 2 Member

    Anyone have any luck getting retention offers on the Arrival+? I run about $30k a month through it for my business (about to move a good portion of that over to the Alliant 3x card) but I've never been able to get a retention offer.
  9. GetawaysRus

    GetawaysRus Level 2 Member

    Arrival+ is tough. I was running about 100K annually through this card. Year 1 I was successful at getting the annual fee waived. But in Year 2 I could not get any type of retention offer, no way no how.

    If you call, try to get transferred to a supervisor. It was my impression that front line phone reps do not have the ability to offer any type of retention offer.
  10. turtlelurker

    turtlelurker Level 2 Member

    From what I remember reading it is pretty common to get the fee waived the first time for most Barclay cards
  11. Flanmann

    Flanmann Level 2 Member

    Amex Everyday Preferred- heavy use through the year. 2 options: $50 credit after $1000 spend in 3 months, or 2500 points now, plus 5000 after $1000 spend in 3 months. Took the points.
  12. Jackgamer

    Jackgamer Level 2 Member

    Don't forget you have the $100 airline credit on the PRG.
  13. Panache

    Panache Level 2 Member

    Don't forget you have the $100 airline credit on the PRG.

    Yeah, it will be a net gain once I use the credit again next year, didn't think of that.
  14. GetawaysRus

    GetawaysRus Level 2 Member

    Citi AA Business Mastercard:

    I admit that I rarely use this card. SAAver awards on AA have gotten quite scarce, so I have shifted my spend elsewhere.

    Last year they offered a $95 credit if I made 5 charges totaling $95.

    This year I called twice. No offers whatsoever on either call. So I closed the account. (I still have a personal Citi AA card. Annual fee hits on that in a few months. Wish me luck.)
  15. bradfol8

    bradfol8 Level 2 Member

    That's interesting. I called just last week and received a $95 credit statement on a $95 spend as well as 1k spend every month for 2k aa miles every month for a year ($95 was included in the 1k spend deal). YMMV
  16. Flanmann

    Flanmann Level 2 Member

    Citi Prestige offers:
    • $50 statement credit for each month when spending $1500 per month, applicable for next 7 months- $350 total credit- Accepted
    • $200 statement credit for spending $4k/month for 3 months- Hard Pass
    • 10k TYP for spending $3k in 6 months- Passed
    • extra TYP on all purchases for 6 months, up to $50k spend- Good offer, but not for me
  17. Flanmann

    Flanmann Level 2 Member

    SPG personal- mediocre usage, 2 years old:
    • $100 statement credit
    • 7500 points for $1000 spend/3 months
    Took the statement credit, which ends up being a profit from the $65 annual fee.
  18. Jackgamer

    Jackgamer Level 2 Member

    Wow that's amazing!

    I just called a couple times for my SPG personal and NOTHING:mad:
  19. idearr

    idearr Level 2 Member

    Chase Sapphire Preferred - use card moderately. Called last night late, no offers - called this morning during normal business hours, offered $60 statement credit. Was surprised to get an offer. (Got the same $60 credit offer last year and that was after a few years of being shot down on retention calls).
  20. Flanmann

    Flanmann Level 2 Member

    Tough break for me on the CSR.. both regular rep and retention guy basically said their card was the best of the big 3, so they didn't need to retain people. Unfortunately for me, they are right! I just said thanks anyway. :/
  21. Zip

    Zip New Member

    That's unfortunate, I hope they budge a little before my renewal in December. Of course, I'll probably keep the card anyway due to the travel insurance.

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