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Retention Bonuses

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by VaTraveler, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. Herschel

    Herschel New Member

    Just called Barclays AA Red 59 days after my AF posted. Asked for retention right off the bat and was offered to have the AF waived as well as 5,000 miles with 1K spend in 90 days. Offer accepted.
  2. RollPlayer

    RollPlayer Level 2 Member

    Just tried with Chase 4 separate times on my Hyatt card with high legitimate spend from work travel (10k+ this year). Told by 4 different agents that no offers are available. Cancelled the card and will reapply soon as it is over 24 months since I received the bonus and it doesn't appear Hyatt is subject to 5/24.
  3. seamuson

    seamuson New Member

    Called a few weeks ago and received $35 credit for my SW Plus, $95 credit for Ink + and 3000 for my Amex Gold Delta. Nada for SW Premier and Alaska.
  4. Keemster26

    Keemster26 Level 2 Member

    I called and got $35 credit on the plus ntn on premier and took it. Called again a few days later got another $35 on plus and got $50 on premier
  5. seamuson

    seamuson New Member

    I've never heard of calling that often, what made you call again so soon? I'd be worried that the CSR would call me out, but maybe that's more of a thing with recon than retention?
  6. Keemster26

    Keemster26 Level 2 Member

    The 1st time I took the offer knowing I would cancel once the offer posts
    The 2nd time I legitimately wanted to close it
  7. daveinla

    daveinla Level 2 Member

    I've noticed that Chase is getting a lot tighter with retention bonuses. I manage cards for myself, my wife, and both my parents. We all had our Ink Plus cards post AF late last year, and I was only able to get my AF credited (my family members all let me speak on their behalf).

    So far, I've had good success with retention bonuses with Citi, except my Prestige card. I applied for it in October 2015 and then signed up for a CG checking account in Dec 2015. My Prestige AF was refunded and then the lower $350 was charged in early January. When I called for retention in early March, I was told that the AF just posted and the agent (2 of them a week apart) had no offers for me. I'll try calling again.
  8. haserfauld

    haserfauld Level 2 Member

    Citi just gave me 7500 points on $1K spend in 3 months on my Forward card, given the gutting of the earning structure.
  9. gmenrule

    gmenrule Level 2 Member

    Spent $45k on Ink...retention bonus $0! LY 10k UR for $5k....Asked if begging would help and they offer me the free Ink....which is great because, well its free...but HECK no...ruins the whole transferability thing...I'll call back and beg again..... if there's any serious sounding retention bonus' via blog success stories..will tread lightly can't lose this one
  10. murray

    murray New Member

    My anniversary cameup for my chase in business card. I was charged the $95 fee for the card.Then I called up and asked for a retention offer
    They offer me to forego the fee for the next year,and I would be credited back the $95.
    I'm not sure if I should have pushed for a better offer.However at least I broke even and there is no loss
  11. Keemster26

    Keemster26 Level 2 Member

    That's the standard offer these days. There's nothing better afaik
  12. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Level 2 Member

    I'm new to all this. I understand the concept of Retention Bonus but not sure how to get it or which card or who you would call? Never saw the "retention line" or does that mean call and talk about it w/ a rep?
  13. heavenlyjane

    heavenlyjane Level 2 Member

    Call customer service using the phone number on the back of your CC. Tell CSRvthat you are considering closing your account but before you do you want to know if you can get AF waived or if there is you are eligible for any spending challenges. You also can ask to be transferred to s retention specialist.

    If you don't like the response you get, you can always end the call and try again immediately.
  14. Alice

    Alice Level 2 Member

    Retention offer on Amex Plat of 20K MR for $3K spend or $200 SC no spend requirement. Took #2
  15. Keemster26

    Keemster26 Level 2 Member

    I was offered on my ameriprise platinum 5k for remaining plus another 15k after spending 3k in 3 months. I was warned that if I close the card I will lose the points. So I closed it a couple weeks later and was warned again at the closing time that the points would be reversed. I hope it doesn't happen...
  16. Alice

    Alice Level 2 Member

    DP: Called in on Alaska Business Card just before annual fee due. Tried to product change. No dice x 2 calls. Second rep eventually agreed to an annual fee waiver when it was clear I was closing the card otherwise. She didn't have the option to do it until the annual fee actually posted, so had to note her calendar to go back into my account and do it. Got her details in case there is any issue but rep seemed competent. Would love to know if anyone has had success product changing an Alaska Biz card recently?
  17. DavidNJ

    DavidNJ Level 2 Member

    Called on two Barclays Wyndham cards. CSR made a big deal that both cards had over $20K spend, (MS). Both AF waived and received 5K bonus on $1K spend in 3 months. Also just received 15K on both cards for rental car bonus...didn't rent any car.
  18. nickelfish1

    nickelfish1 Level 2 Member

    I was just offered the above or a straight $25 statement credit. I wasn't sure which one to take since that seems to be it and I really don't want to cancel.
  19. gmenrule

    gmenrule Level 2 Member

    datapoint:: PRG business retention options a: $50 OR b: 7500MR or C: switch to green ($95AF)...have until nov 13 ..not happy with this..on the bright side.....better than my last convo re Ink with chase
  20. strikeone92

    strikeone92 New Member

    Datapoint: called Citi for retention on ThankYou Premier (AF just posted), no retention offered, was able to downgrade to Dividend, AF fully refunded
  21. Craig

    Craig Level 2 Member

    Citi Premier - 7,500 points $1000 in 3 months
    Citi Prestige - 5,000 points $3000 in 3 months
    Citi AT&T Access More - 2 additional TYP on all purchases, up to 35,000 in 6 months (making Plastiq now 5x TYP per $)
  22. idearr

    idearr Level 2 Member

    This thread is pretty quiet! In any case, I called about my Amex Business Plat card earlier this week. First year renewal, not too much spending (mostly Amex offers) after meeting the minimum for the bonus early this year.

    Front line person sent me to a "specialist" who specialized in .... talking. Despite my several efforts to cut him off he went on and on about the benefits of the card (which I probably know better than he does) and how perhaps I'd be better suited with a BRG (not the least bit interested). Finally after perhaps 10 minutes he offered 7500 MR points.

    Anyone have recent better offers? I have until the end of the month before the statement closes - I'll try once again (unless people want to tell me there is no discretion and the offer isn't going to get better). I do want to keep the card, but was hoping for something closer to $200 in value.
  23. MickiSue

    MickiSue Level 2 Member Supporter

    I called a couple of weeks ago on my Delta. After a long conversation, I got the late fee I had assessed d/t being an idiot and getting online after the cutoff in the time zone for Amex removed, as well as a $25 reduction for the AF. I argued that, through no fault of Amex, the "benefits" had been gutted by Delta's continuing quest to make their miles worthless.

    He finally agreed that that was true. Because, really, the miles are the primary reason to hold and use a mileage card. If you can't book trips with the stupid miles, then what good does free checked in luggage do you?
  24. Panache

    Panache Level 2 Member

    Quick question: My Citi AA Plat card has the AF due. CSR offered to downgrade to TY preferred or double cash. Worth taking? Also, if I get the TY card, will I jeopardize my chances of getting TY premier card later in 2017? TIA!
  25. Craig

    Craig Level 2 Member

    Generally it seems to be understood that product changing to a TY card will reset the 24o month clock, but there are no definitive data points because no one has had to deal with not receiving a bonus after 24 months yet.

    If I were you, I'd cancel or PC to double cash, particularly if you want other TY cards.
  26. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Level 2 Member

    I struck out with AMEX. I kind of want to keep the card for the 5X airfares and possibly some Concierge services though maybe CSR has some of those. I wanted a retention specialist but they wouldn't put me through unless I definitely said I want to cancel the card. I guess I should have just said that but I heard of people just being cancelled then. Advice? It sounds like I wouldn't get very much from what I've been reading. Thought it was worth a try.
  27. zceuxbhjutf

    zceuxbhjutf Panel 3 Member

    With Amex you don't ask for Retention. Ask for Membership Consulting Services. Good luck!
  28. Flanmann

    Flanmann Level 2 Member

    SPG personal Amex- started with card retention, nothing. Asked for courtesy points, citing spending around 20k, transferred back to customer service. Offered $50 statement credit, asked if any points offers were available, and was offered 2000 points in addition to statement credit. Accepted. :)
  29. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Level 2 Member

    I went in another direction. Referred my wife and already got 15K bonus points. Now I will cancel since she has the card, and maybe sign up for a different AX bonus
  30. Jean

    Jean Level 2 Member

    I called Barclays about my advantage aviator cards...one has an annual 10,000 point bonus. That card was offered a 5,000 bonus if I spent $1000 in next three months. Did not offer to waive the annual fee. I figured $89 was worth a total of 15000 aa points. Took the offer.

    Second card they offered to waive af as soon as I asked.
  31. btbane

    btbane Level 2 Member

    I recently called Citi about my Citi Prestige annual fee. They offered three alternatives that are similar to what I have seen from others:

    #1. $200 after $4,000 in spend in each of the next three months ($12k total)
    #2. 1 additional thank you point for each dollar spent over the next 6 months (up to 50,000 TYP bonus)
    #3. 4 additional thank you points for each dollar spent on hotels and airlines over the next 6 months (up to 35,000 TYP bonus)

    I went option #3, lowest spend and I only use this card for hotel/airline purchases anyways.
  32. Jean

    Jean Level 2 Member

    I called today about the AF on my citi platinum MC. I wasn't expecting any offers as I haven't used this card much this year. Was offered a $95 credit if I spent $95 in the next 30 days. Happily took the offer.
  33. idearr

    idearr Level 2 Member

    Aviator Red- same card Jean called about - they waived the annual fee AND offered the same 5000 miles for $1000 spend. Got fee waiver last year too. And as Jean pointed out, the card still comes with 10,000 points that post right before the AF posts, so great deal.

    Asked about Arrival+ at the same time - offered 0% interest until Sept 1 AND offered $50 credit if I spend $1000 a month for the next three months. Will pass on that offer - figure I'm better off just putting spending on my 2.6%+ BoA Travel Rewards card (to redeem on Arrival+ I'd need to spend $5,000 so I'd only benefit by perhaps $20 AND I don't know for sure the $50 bonus would post before the Arrival+ AF hits - I don't see any reason to keep that card)
  34. baffld

    baffld Level 2 Member

    It's getting to be "annual fee" season for me on several of my cards (various Chase, Citi AAs, AmX Delta & Hilton & biz SPG.) Didn't get Chase to budge on the Ink Plus at all a couple months ago. :(

    Will be following this thread to see how others do and what strategies work best, and I will update here with my successes (and lack thereofs) as they happen, too.

    Good luck to all of us!! ;)
  35. M L

    M L New Member

    Here are some data points, hope they help:

    On my two Aviator Red cards (mine and my wife's), for the last 2 years (including one call that was during the last week of Dec 2016), an immediate AF waiver was given when I called them. The calls each took less than 2 minutes. We use these cards sporadically when there are bonuses offered, so not a huge spend on them to justify the waiver. But these are the ones without the 10K annual bonus.

    On my Arrival Plus, I have a LOT of spend on it, none of it MS (more than $100K last year) yet they absolutely refused to budge on the annual fee. The reason given was that it was a "cash back" card so it seemed like some strict policy. The rep even admitted that I seemed to be a very loyal customer and was apologizing that she could not do anything. The best she could come up with are zero percent balance transfer for a year with a 1% fee (decent deal since it is a very high credit limit card, but not my thing). Nothing else based on spend. Since I use the card quite a bit, I elected to use my points to pay off the annual fee (since it codes as travel and is eligible for credit at the same ratio, as well as the 5% back).

    On CitiAA, for the past 4 years getting an AF waiver used to not be a problem - in fact they would sweeten the deal with some 1 year+ (14 or 16 months or something like that) double AA miles for spending $1K per month on top of the waiver (technically they never waive it but apply a statement credit). This did not happen last year for some reason - I got the credit but no other sweeteners. I think the whole Costco Citi new business was overwhelming them at that time.

    On Chase. I had an unexpected surprise on the United Explorer card - last year they waived the annual fee as a "one-time courtesy" and this year they said they could not do it again. Just as I was about to hang up, the rep (who insisted there was no AF credit or waiver available) said she was able to offer something else "provided by United" - a $100 statement credit for your business. No minimum spend, not just applicable to United purchases, $100 just like that. It is a $95 AF so I was wondering why she kept insisting to say there weren't any AF waivers or credits available when they actually had a credit for $5 more than I would pay as the AF. Go figure. Of course, I took it and it went through smoothly.

    On Amex Delta, the best I have received is a partial credit in years where I had decent spend on it but they have been stingy with it. On Amex MR cards, no outright fee waivers but I usually have received decent bonus MR offers based on minimum spend combined with an offer for fewer MR to apply to the AF. So it has worked out to be the same as min spend to waive the AF, with some extra MR thrown in (on top of the normal MR earned), which has worked for me as I have a lot of business spend on these cards and also value their other benefits.

    Keep in mind that my situation may be different from yours - I have a fair amount of business (non-MS, real) spend to spread around, and good use for miles, free bags, lounges and other benefits offered by the cards, so I am not necessarily aiming for zero AF, but making sure I can keep the costs low while still actually enjoying the card benefits.
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