Review Renaissance Nashville (and other Nashville Marriotts)


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I travel to Nashville every week for work. Nashville is a very very hotel-poor city. Meaning they do not currently have enough hotel infrastructure to support the tourism/demand.

The city has totally taken off in the last couple of years, with a ton of industry in the area, a thriving music/recording industry, and a central (enough) airport coupled with enough to do to convince a great deal of tourists to choose Nashville for small vacations.

When I began travelling to Nashville, I had a very hard time getting reservations at Marriotts. Within two months I had stayed at 3 different hotels. I eventually finagled someone into reserving me rooms for the rest of the year, and even though the downtown Renaissance is 25 minutes away from my client, I chose it as the best.

It is a great hotel - great location within walking distance of a ton of things to do. The Omni is probably the only hotel that is nicer, and while the Omni has a better location, it's impossible to drive in and out of because of one way streets bordered by water, and "honky tonk row" aka a heavily foot-trodden street that "blockades" you in to the Omni area.

I also have stayed at the Marriott Vanderbilt. Other than Vanderbilt, it's really not near anything within walking distance. However if you are going to an event or something at Vanderbilt, make sure you get a room that backs against the stadium because the view is AMAZING. You could actually watch a football game from the concierge lounge and it would be a pretty decent view.

Ok, so back to the Renaissance Nashville. Staff is amazing, gym is one of the better hotel gyms I've been to; with two benches, free-weights up to 50, and a cable tower. 8? treadmills, a bunch of ellipticals, and some other equipment that I don't care about. Staff is always on top of towel service. Water machine instead of water bottles which is annoying, but whatever - just bring one with you. There is a pool next to the gym, and while it's not an outdoor pool, it does have a deck that extends outside (I think - I never go out there, I just see what I see from the gym).

Rooms are fair/nice. Always ask for an x00, x34, or x16 room - there are 25 floors and the lounge is on the 24th. I like low floors because I hate elevators, and the lowest they have is the 5th.

Concierge lounge has really great staff; if you're coming to town I can introduce you or at least pass on their names to you and I'll tell them to look out for you.

Valet is really quick, though the kids are literally running across the street to the library to park your car....where you can park your car yourself for 10/day, while valet is $35.04. But whatever - I like the points on my Marriott card so I valet and order room service.

Room service is decent. I've never been wowed at any hotel to be honest. But then again I only travel for work and never internationally - so take that with a grain of salt.

All in all if you are going to Nashville, let me know! I doubt my project will go on for years, but I've been to most of the "touted" restaurants, and have done some heavy sightseeing as well. I can make recommendations.




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Love Nashville, last stay was at the Sheraton (meh) but the city was amazing.

Highlight from our trip was Nashville uncorked at Natchez Hills Vineyard.

(Other than lots of amazing music and bourbon on the strip)


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Have been to Nashville many times. We have Vanderbilt University connections in the family, so we get down there every year or two. I've stayed at the Lowes many times and it is very nice. There is a concierge floor that has great offerings for breakfast and evening. I've also stayed at one of the Marriotts (there are several brands) and at both ends of the price spectrum at the Holiday Inn and the Hermitage Hotel. That is interesting about the city being hotel-poor. It can be really hard to get reservations there on busy weekends.


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Love Nashville, last stay was at the Sheraton (meh) but the city was amazing.

Highlight from our trip was Nashville uncorked at Natchez Hills Vineyard.

(Other than lots of amazing music and bourbon on the strip)
Any details?
Nashville is roughly 5 hours away. Wouldn't mind making a weekend trip to a vineyard.


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It's a really nice Vineyard that sells you a bottle (or several) on these events when they bring together some legends- I mean more folkie legends- but basically they set up a big old barn type place, serve dinner and you drink the wine and in the center 8-10 people Jam live music.

I don't know if that is seasonal, I didn't see it here:!tickets/c1iwo

Here's our trip report

Reading it again it seems that it was a trek, but was well worth it. The wine wasn't earth shattering, but it was drinkable and retail prices.


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I stayed at the Union Station Hotel a few months ago. The hotel was deflagged from Wyndham and converted to Marriott. It started as a cat 5 hotel and is now sadly a cat 7. Made my bookings before the devaluations.

Very cool hotel that used to be a train station. The lobby is beautiful and the rooms on the top floors (5th) have super high ceilings. Some rooms facing the train tracks can be noisy at night with the trains but it didn't bother me too much.

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@SJS, I work at the AT&T Bat Building just across the street from the Renaissance. I've stayed there a couple times and still enjoy their breakfast buffet from time to time.

You're right about the shortage of hotel rooms since the $660 million convention center opened. Rumor has it that a Westin, W, Hyatt Regency, and Richard Branson hotel are on tap. Nashville is the 3rd fastest growing economy in the country and no end is in sight.

If your travel dept will let you splurge, or you can catch a special, the Hermitage Hotel is a nice 5 Diamond boutique hotel 4 blocks north of the Renaissance.