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Receive points for Last Week’s Southwest Reservation System Issue



I’m not sure how widely known last week’s Southwest Reservation System Issue was, but I did happen to see random mentions about it on twitter. Thinking back to the flight my wife and I took on Sunday where folks were saving seats rows away with their bags, I do recall the A List section of the boarding line seemed pretty thin. My wife even commented that she got a worse boarding number than me with no status (hah!), and when she boarded between A and B, that her A List status didn’t even show. Luckily the gate agent was amenable.

Last Week’s Southwest Reservation System Issue

The Points Guy reported that Southwest had an issue with their reservation system:

“As a result, A-List and A-List Preferred members have had to manually check in 24 hours in advance of their flight, resulting in B and C boarding positions. Southwest has since sent out an email to its elite members”

Even worse, it appears that status has been removed from future reservations as well. So, check your reservations!

Points for Last Week’s Southwest Reservation System Issue

As I mentioned, my wife experienced this issue. At the time, we didn’t really know that it was so widespread. Just figured with Southwest’s Reservation System Upgrade that there was some gremlin. Learning that it was more widespread, we probably should have called and asked nicely for something. But we didn’t — only so much time in the day.

Much to my wife’s surprise, last night she received the below e-mail, coming with it, 1,500 Rapid Rewards points that count toward status!

Its not a lot of points, but it is certainly a nice tangible gesture.

Did you experience any issues with Southwest last weekend? Did you receive a similar e-mail?

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