Radisson Becoming part of Choice Hotels - Disappointing


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It was a slow slide until recently. I still found Radisson (Club Carlson in a previous form) often useful. But then then announced the credit card was going away. We canceled both of ours rather than being PC'd to something not very useful to us.

Just got an email that says "Radisson Hotel Group announced that Radisson Hotel Group Americas will become a part of the Choice Hotels International family". Choice Hotels has been my least-useful use of points. Sometimes they make sense, but trying to collect and use their points? Works great if your plans are less that 6 months away. Longer term plans I typically do not wait for their point-purchasable rooms to come into scope.

While the letter says not much will change quickly, we'll be looking to burn the remaining Radisson points we have (quite a bit unfortunately) before they become Choice Points. I hear these are very useful in Scandinavia ... I don't think it will influence the plans we currently have.