Quick hits: Travel light, pack less with the right clothes


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I cleaned out my wardrobe a little the other day (read: threw out one t-shirt) and marveled at what clothes I appreciate the most. When it comes to travel, I’ve found that investing in Ex-Officio clothing has really improved my ability to pack light. I love this stuff so much that I’m not even going to use my Amazon Affiliate links in this post (though if you want to support me you can do the extra work to search and buy through my Amazon link or through my family travel gear page). But I seriously love this stuff.

We try to travel as light as possible, and while it’s difficult with kids, I still remember a time when my wife and I never had to check a bag. One thing that really helped us cut down on the amount of stuff we needed to pack was the Ex-Officio brand of clothing.

While the clothes aren’t cheap, they’re great for travel. Simple concept: wash your Ex-Officio clothing at night in the sink. Hang to dry. It will be dry by morning and ready to wear. Rinse and repeat (pun intended).

I thought about Ex-Officio this morning because I’ve stopped only using the clothing for travel, they’ve become some of my most reliable boxers and t-shirts. I’m also very lazy about my wardrobe.

So to me, best practice is to bring a small amount of detergent, possibly in a GoToob or something like that. Buy some Ex-officio clothing, like underwear, shirts, etc. Bring less clothes than you normally would to save space. Do laundry every other night and you’re good to go!

Do people have other recommendations for good brands for packing lighter? I’d love to hear them in the comments, let me know.

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