Quick Hits: New Plastiq Promotion – Earn one fee free dollar for every dollar spent with mastercard (Targeted)


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Got a fun little e-mail in my inbox a few minutes ago. Plastiq is offering one fee free dollar for every dollar spent with a Mastercard on Plastiq through October 31, 2018.

You must:

  • Pay with a Mastercard
  • Initiate payment on or after 10/11/2018
  • Have payment scheduled for 10/31/2018 or before
  • Pay the regular 2.5% fee on your payment (you cannot apply fee free dollars)
  • Be targeted – check your e-mails
The e-mail subject to search is “Earn FFDs when you pay with Mastercard”

If my math is correct, you can basically cut your payments down to a 1.25% fee, provided you use the fee free dollars in the future. I am now regretting recently completing my Mastercard minimum spend!

Plastiq says FFDs will be credited on 11/1/2018.

Hope you were targeted!

Link to Plastiq article

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