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Purchase LifeMiles

Discussion in 'Avianca' started by Hanoi IG, May 18, 2016.

  1. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Level 2 Member

    I had a good deal of success buying LifeMiles this year, redeeming them for a lot more than what I paid. How about the new promo purchasing for .014 each? Thinking of loading up. Thoughts?
  2. smittytabb

    smittytabb Moderator Staff Member

    Speculatively buying miles always comes with risk. If you have a use for them in mind, and you can afford it and feel like you will be able to get the value, go ahead. If the award chart changes, or you cannot book what you are wanting, just be aware that is always a possibility. I haven't bought LifeMiles myself, but I used to speculatively buy USAirways miles back in the day. Anyone want to chime in on the value prospect for .014?
  3. montmorency

    montmorency Level 2 Member

    Can't comment on the exact value, but LifeMiles were mentioned recently in several travel blogs as a nice (and sometimes cheaper) alternative for those who are looking for a redemption on Star Alliance. At least on certain routes.
    But I heard their customer service is difficult (and many reps speak Spanish only), so - if you decide to buy, make sure you can book your award on their website.
  4. Josh F

    Josh F Level 2 Member Charity Forum Mod

    I agree. I wouldn't just "load up" at that rate, but if you have some likely redemptions in your near future, it's worth considering...
  5. smittytabb

    smittytabb Moderator Staff Member

    After USAirways became One World after the merger with AA, LifeMiles began to be talked about as a replacement for buying USAir miles which used to be with Star Alliance. As someone who found a lot of value with US, I never found them to be as appealing in part because they used to require that you stay in the same cabin for all flights in the redemption. The customer service piece was not of concern as I thought that was true of US as well, plus I speak Spanish anyway. But then LifeMiles changed their award chart...twice pretty drastically after a big promotion to sell miles. So, I just never got on that bandwagon. Lately, they have taken away the requirement to be in one cabin, so that is a nice change. I may eventually buy, but so far haven't needed to.
  6. Johnwmaher

    Johnwmaher New Member

    Is it known if we redeem Capital One "Miles" for lifemiles purchases?
  7. dukerau

    dukerau Level 2 Member

    You should be able to since the purchase codes as airline spend.

  8. smittytabb

    smittytabb Moderator Staff Member

    This article is over 3 years old. Can anyone verify if this still codes as airline spend and for which cards (visa, MC, AMEX, etc.)
  9. dukerau

    dukerau Level 2 Member

    Good point. I initially was going to post this more recent OMAAT post but went with his "original" report that LM purchase posts as airline spend. Here's the more recent one where he specifically calls out CSP (Visa), Prestige (MC), and PRG (Amex) as coding as airfare. It works because Avianca processes the sale rather than outsourcing it to points.com (or similar) like most airlines do. I can't verify this as I've never bit the bullet on LM, but I imagine if it were incorrect the commenters would have let him know.

  10. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Level 2 Member

    OK I get the risk. I bought all I could and same for my wife and I had no trouble using them for TK Biz JFK-IST, ANA 1st JFK-NAR-JFK, UA Biz EWR-HAM and several Intra Asia flights. I have a bit of time and can research potential redemptions. Sadly SQ never opens awards to LifeMiles but I put my AX and Chase rewards to SQ plus all my Star Alliance purchased fares. I guess before I invest about $9000 I need to find about $35000 of "book value"

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