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I am looking at buying a PS4 (any model/bundle). I have held onto my PS3 for far too long as I did not intend to get PS4. So, the trade value has dropped a good bit.

Product: PS4 (Any size/bundle)
Price: As low as possible without a pS3 trade in
Current best price: (see below)

As per the below offer ( have to check if this will be offered in store), I could get the PS4 Destiny bundle with FIFA 16 for $399 (+tax). I could resell both those games and get my net price down. The Destiny king bundle is being sold on ebay from $50-$60. FIFA also looks to be around similar price. Assuming $50 sale price for each would net $100 (- ebay fees/shipping).


Gamestop accepts Applepay and combined with Discover it gives 10% off (potentially 20%). That's ~$40.

So, net cost (excluding tax considerations) of PS4 is $400-$100(from selling the bundled games)-$40 = $260. Are there any better offers and/or am I missing something there?
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I think you have it pretty good, the only thing is the prices of games drop pretty quickly and every week there are deals. I had pre bought MKX for PS4 to flip and within a week or so some store had it for $39.99. So exepcting $100 - ebay fees maybe a stretch. ALthough, if you can even sell it for $45 via craigslist cutting out the middle man of fees may help you get $90 off or more because destiny may fetch you the full $50 or more. Another thing is that sometimes BBY has a gift card deal if you buy $100 you get free $15 so if you buy 3 of those you can get $45 off, plus any other credit card cash back or reward points. Unfortunately BBY doesn't take apple pay yet, but you never know. Going via Gamestop is probably your best bet due to the discover promo though. If you have BBY gamers club see if they have any promo for increased return on pre owned system

P.S. I love my PS4 just got madden from Amazon flash sale for $39.99 it was awesome


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So, after following SD for a while, I finally pulled the trigger yesterday. Instead of giving a detailed explanation, I will just post the numbers and explain further if anyone is intersted.

Target PS4 Uncharted bundle (1,2,3) - $349 (pre-tax)
1. 15% off from Cartwheel app for PS4 Uncharted bundle (until 11/14/2015)
2. 15% off from Wedding registry
3. 5% Redcard discount

Final price, after -tax, $262.

For more info,
PS4 games (CoD BO3, FO4, AC Syndicate)
Each of those games are being sold for $59.99 at target

1. Target Buy 2 get 1 free promotion going on (not available on pre-orders)
2. 15% registry coupon
3. 10% wishlist app coupon
4. 5% Redcard discount
5. Costco selling FO4 for $49.99 and CoD BO3 for $54.99. Called target support after placing order and asked to be price matched. This is a hit or miss but a hit for me.

Final price after-tax for 3 games $78.70

6. There was a coupon code for $5 off when spending over $50. This works fine online normally but when stacked with the aboove coupons, it won't. I forgot to ask the rep about this while I was talking. So, YMMV on this

For more info,
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Nice deal. Late to the draw on this one, but could you have also stacked with the 10% USPS moving coupon (assuming Target is still one of the coupons you get with this package)?


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just a humble DP, Nathan Drake 500 PS4 lite edition, I paid like 256, price match with amazon in Target, in Delaware (2.5 hrs drive away, on a trip). So no sales tax. Newegg, mostly no tax had 249.99 on BF.