Premium Financing for Life Insurance


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I am very familiar with this and what the salesperson is doing. I can give you the very simple version: this is an extremely shitty idea and you should run a thousand miles. And never, ever do anything financial with the clown trying to sell you this crap.

I can give you the longer version if you want it... he's doing this for the big commission check... he is selling you a product that invests in stock indices using very complex methods and huge fees.


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It is crazy how these guys can make you get something that you don't really need. They are experts in that and I that is why I did not trust any loan company. I managed to live a long time without loans, but I needed to fix something on the house and the money I had was just not enough. Friend recommended to me and now I work only with them when I have the need. They are cool and they were not trying to sell me something I don't need and I appreciate that.
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