Potential $1,000 Bonus at Acorns

The Frequent Miler posted yesterday about Acorns.com offering a $1,000 bonus if 10 referrals sign up, load $5 to the account, and keep it there for a month. I decided to give it a try. I'm not sure if I can link another blog, so if you're interested, I suggest checking out the post and reading thoroughly. You will be required to provide your SSN to sign up.

I probably won't keep my money there for very long if I qualify for the $1K bonus, but I was looking to start investing in stocks, and this would make a nice start.

If you are inclined to sign up, you are welcome to use my link: https://acorns.com/invite/BY6KK8
I would recommend leaving some margin of error (try to get ~5 extra?) with your referrals in case something goes wrong with some of the people you refer.

I think this is an awesome bonus if all goes well and I wish you the best of luck :D !

If you're looking to start investing, I recommend r/personalfinance to learn about financial goals and where your money should start going. It really does make a difference in the long term to get the best strategy that will work for you.