Points vs Foreign Currency Fees

Hanoi IG

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OK. I am booked at Conrad Tokyo for two stays totalling 5 nights in Oct and Dec. I think I have some sort of 2x promotion as well as Diamond Status but imagine they are independent of how I pay.

Two choices: Pay with my AX Hilton Honors card and get 12X points so I think 32000 more or less.

Pay with CSR and get 3X on travel so maybe 8160 UR.

If I take the Hilton points I pay about $81 in currency exchange.

Is one better than the other? Does it matter if I am not a big fan of Hiltons and only use them like Hamptons in the US and cities that don't have Sofitels elsewhere in the world?

My inclination is just to take the UR points since the times I have booked Hiltons, it never seems a good deal to book with points.