Place to Ask for Trip Ideas? CLE->Glacier NP and perhaps Calgary/Other


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I thought I'd try asking here first, but I don't see a proper place for it. I'll try here; please tell me if I'm in the wrong place, or if I'm completely on the wrong forum and I'll ask elsewhere (I may anyway, to get the most ideas).

Looking to plan a trip from CLE to Glacier National Park next late August, early Sept. I can't schedule these flights yet, but will be able to in the next 2-4 weeks. Oh. I may be in Chicago late August that could jump-start the trip. If it was just getting us from CLE/ORD->MSO (or other small airports), I wouldn't need to ask. However, looking for some creativity. If we "just" go to Glacier, we will cross over to Canada and visit Waterton NP for a day, too. But there's more on the Canadian side. And there is also Amtrak.

Has anyone taken Amtrak from Chicago to the far west, or the other way? We might do it one way. Pros? Cons?

Has anyone explored the Canadian parks up a little bit more North in combination with Glacier? Banff NP in particular looks neat. Calgary is close to this. Drive? Is there a train? If so, is it a plus or a minus? Other ideas? I'll stop there, in case nobody can help me with ideas. But I wanted to ask!

Ah, one more. Does anyone have experience with renting a car in Canada and dropping it in the US?

Thanks in advance.