PHX Meetup


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I would be willing to organize a meetup or a series of meetups for anyone that is interested in talking about Miles and Points with like minded individuals.

Start a conversation with me or post below if your interested.


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Hi. I'm currently living in the Dallas area and seriously thinking about moving to Phoenix. Found a great condo to rent near Desert Ridge On the Jw Marriott golf course. I am very interested to hear how the local MS environment is. I have been here for the weekend , shopping the smart & final deal and strangely had some trouble liquidating 100.00 sunrise and usbank cards obtained at s&f. Found Kate at the Pima rd Scottsdale WM and got the 9 digit pin error. Never had it before. Was able to load a few $100 then got errors at cashiers. Tried csr - no go. Really want to know what you think of the MS climate in the Phoenix area. Is there a meetup? I started a monthly meetup group in Dallas and we have grown to become friends and support each other. Hoping to hear from some Phoenix/Scottsdale locals. I was at the west coast DO - I think I met steventravel. Wondering how Kate is, target loading debit, any Bp at am neighborhood stores? Easy to get vgc at Safeway? Simon or macerich malls? Buying gcs with agcs? TIA


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It's hit and miss. You learn which WM is workable, which is not. Fortunately I know at least one kiosk that still works without any PIN issues but it's a hike from where you're considering living. Even with PIN issue stores I've never had any trouble with cashiers at any store in recent times, however. I'm rarely ever at the WM you indicate though.

The Simon Mall here is often running out of cards. I've made friends with one of the staff so he gives me a heads up as soon as they've restocked. Apparently there are a growing number of people going in buying $10K at once. The staff also have to fill out the form for you, customer no longer allowed to since apparently some people were putting down fake names - blatantly false names like Donald Duck.


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Hi All,
New to the area and new to the points/miles scene (<1 yr). I'm just starting out with MS to meet min spend 1 card at a time.