PHL area meetup

I have been talking to Bonnie from Frugal Travel Lawyer about starting some Philadelphia area (we are both suburban) meetups. Just wanted to see if there is anyone else local & interested in meeting up with us from time to time. We have 4 of us so far.


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I'm in south jersey from time to time (my folks still live there). I'd be interested if the dates worked out, so let me know when you plan to meet up.


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I would be interested. I'm suburban philly too, KOP area. Let me know if you plan a meet up
So we have been throwing around some dates to meet up in the city (Philly) possibly for a Happy Hour/Evening casual get together. Bonnie suggested one of the Kimpton hotels' lounge (can't remember which, she is the expert there). Would anyone be interested in that if we did something like that? Probably a Friday or Saturday because some of us work;)

Frugal Travel Lawyer

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Looking into two possible meeting times/places.
1-Friday morning in King of Prussia
2-Week night happy hour at Kimpton Monaco in Philadelphia

Let me know your interest and preference of time and place.


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Not to my knowledge. Anyone Kennett Square/Newark area that would like to meet? I'm willing to drive north!


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I don't think anything was organised - I am willing to put something together. Throw dates into the forum - and I will find a place in central Philly, with good parking options.


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Weeknight happy hour? Preferably NOT on a night the Phills are playing. Murderous drive for me coming north on 95. :eek: Flexible otherwise!

Maybe something on Delaware Ave?


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Hi, just starting the hobby. Anyone interested in a meet-up? It looks like previous conversations have fizzled or gone to sub-accounts.


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We're at 6. Let's get a poll of places/times.

I'm pretty flexible. Weeknights after 5:30-6, or anytime weekends.

I'm around Willow grove, and can do any area without too much trouble.

I think we should pick from
Center City, Conshy/KOP, or North East /burbs


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Hey, I'd be interested in meeting up as well. I'm new to the group here, but have been MSing for several years now. I'm around the Willow Grove/KOP area too.

I don't know what others are interested in talking about, but one thing of interest for me is I'd like to pool resources for money order possibilities in the area.