Petsmart $10/$30 coupon can be used multiple times


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Today an online coupon for petsmart became available. It's code SAVEBIG, it can be used over and over for online orders placed for store pickup if you do not sign into your petperks card. I combined this with the higher cashback rate through iconsumer of 9.6% and paid using a gift card I got for 22% off at Raise.(yes, also bought through a portal)

I don't know if you can place multiple orders for delivery with it. I just placed 6 separate orders for store pickup and was able to apply it each time. $60 off is a big deal for pet supplies.

I'm just waiting for confirmation that they are ready for pickup. Those usually come within an hour or so.

Forgot to add, coupon code is good until 3/27

eta: got the notifications that all my orders are ready for pick up
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