Orlando: Sheraton Vistana Villages Resort Villas


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Heck of a lot of Vs in that title! Heading to Disneyworld with the family this March and selected this location for our stay. I believe it has access to the Disney transportation so that's a huge plus. We are planning to make full use of the kitchen to save on food costs through our stay. Has anyone stayed here before? What can you tell us so that we can make the most of it? Is the best bet to do one of those grocery delivery services or is there something nearby that we can go shopping on our own?

We are also planning to head up to Legoland for a day, my wife is trying to secure transport but is there any best practices that you could recommend?



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Uber also is cheap and plentiful here. They do tend to have hard time finding Vistana so call after requesting to direct them (3/4x they tried picking us up at the apts next door).

There's a little market downstairs w/ stacks & the like. Grocery stores w/in distance of a quick Uber.

If you like Moroccan food, Merguez is not far, not fancy, & terrific.