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One-way international car rental, Portugal->Spain

Discussion in 'Car Rentals' started by billygoat, May 12, 2017.

  1. billygoat

    billygoat Level 2 Member

    Traveling from Lisbon, Portugal to Algeciras, Spain and am looking for some tip to avoid the one-way drop charge from Avis (to the tune of $450!) for a total of $750 for 3 days.

    Flights, buses, and trains are not ideal as they we want to travel south to Faro in Portugal on our own time.

    Ive tried autoeurope.com/europcar.com and they quote a price of $150 until i actually try to book it, the website says someone needs to review my request and someone will get back to me but they never do.

    Autoslash isnt helping either. They keep giving me a priceline link that never seems to work (tried 3x).

    Kayak is showing me some company called Kemwel that are $115 ($600 cheaper than the american boys). They wont tell me the total or if there is a drop charge until i enter all my CC info. I dont think thats really worth the risk. Thoughts?

  2. Someone

    Someone Level 2 Member

    Try it using a virtual card number or nearly spent vgc?

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