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Note of caution on getting bonus on SPG cards


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A couple months ago I got an Amex businesss card. Apparently my SPG number was input wrong into the form and Amex assigned me a new SPG number. I did the $5k min spend with in a few days of receiving the card thinking it would probably be a month before the points posted. Well they never showed up so I contacted Amex and I was told they had the wrong SPG membership number. They updated the number and told me the points should post in 3-5 days. They did not post so after 7 days I contacting them again and I got a more knowledgeable person that told me two statements must post before the points will be transferred. I never made another purchase after the first statement and therefore never received a second statement. The points are now showing up in my Amex account but there is a zero balance in my SPG because I have to wait for the second statement to close. So this is just a heads up since the bloggers have been pushing this SPG card, not that I signed up due to them or anything.


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I had the same problem with mine and my wife's new card. Thankfully, I checked when I got the card, had them fix via chat, and points posted normally.


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I had this happen with Hilton. I applied for my second Amex Hilton card (the non-fee one, already had Surpass) even though I know I gave them my HH number and it was correct (I had a screen shot). I didn't find out until the points posted. I ended up having Hilton merge the new account into my old one and had Amex change the number on my non-Surpass card to correctly show my existing HH account.


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Same w wife's spg. Quick call to amex cleared things up. But its always a good idea to double check the loyalty number associated w a new credit card soon after the card is issued.