on SW shopping portal 15pts/$

During this time of the year I like to look for bonuses on the shopping portal to maximize the money I spend for XMAS presents. I just noticed today that Nike was offering 15 pts/$ and I'm sure its for a limited time, but how limited is limited normally? I will begin working on qualifying for my first Companion pass as soon as my December statement closes to maximize the time of my CP.

Does anyone have an idea of when these point offers expire? Is there a date on the portal that would show that? FYI.. I'm posting this on Cyber Monday so I wasn't sure if the offer was only good for today.

Thanks for any thoughts!
Thanks I'll keep that in mind. Looks like the Nike deal only lasted for Cyber Monday (minus a little bit of time). No longer a valid 15 pt/$ offer. Back to 5pt/$