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Navigating 5/24 through 2018 Advice

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by projectx, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. projectx

    projectx Level 2 Member

    Come January 2018 I will be at 4/24. The one sticking point is that I am an AU on my wife's CSR which won't fall off until September 2018. That means I will likely have to go through recon, but should be in the clear. I currently hold two NOBCs, Surpass, Citi Dividend, Cap1 Spark, Ink Plus, SW Plus, and an AU CSR.

    My goal is earning UR, Alaska, and Southwest points. CSR is the most coveted. Here's my strategy:

    January: Ink Preferred. One year in business reselling (gift cards), about $25k in revenue; Will this get it done? Now if it goes to recon (which it probably will), my Ink Plus is 99% MS. Will this spell trouble?

    April: Old WF card falls off, now at 3/24. Cancel my AU card. Get CSR. Yes, I could just apply with the Ink Preferred but I'd rather not rock the boat too much, and I don't have an urgent need for it anyway. Now 4/24.

    June: Starwood Personal and Business. Now 5/24

    August: Alaska Personal and Business. Now 6/24

    September: NOBC, PRG, and Cap1 Spark also gone. Sitting at 3/24

    October: SW Premier. Back to 4/24.

    February 2019: SW Plus to get my second Companion Pass (last held 2016-2017). Now, I currently hold the SW Plus but plan on cancelling it. Is a year off my record good enough for a churn? Sign up bonus posted January 2016.

    Last edited: Nov 27, 2017
  2. HariOm

    HariOm Transcendent Level

    Just for clarity, will that actually be February 2019?
  3. projectx

    projectx Level 2 Member

    Ack! Yes, everything in my post was off. Whoops! This strategy is for 2018 and spilling over into 2019. Fixed.
  4. HariOm

    HariOm Transcendent Level

    Congratulations on the discipline of reaching 5/24. Our household is nowhere near that. Let's see if Starwood cards are still available in their current format come June... [Edit: looks like they will be, per new post at DoC.]
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2017

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