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My Trip Report List


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I recently mentioned my Peru/Ecuador trip report in a thread on Machu Picchu and PM'd a link to 3-4 folks who seemed to appreciate it. I usually type a ton of narrative per day AND between my wife and I, overdo the pictures to even a greater degree. These were done primarily for my own use as trying to remember details of a trip 10 years later, even with pics, proved challenging. I started to share these with folks at work via our internal travel forum, so my narrative changed some as the audience grew.

I found some of my earlier "reports" merely collections of pictures. I have not listed those here, but I may revisit after 1/1 and fill in the blanks ... will update the list if I do. In the early days I knew nothing of points and miles, or very little. We did have Continental Airlines FF#s and their CC. Things have changed, and the later reports do have details of how we leveraged miles and points, even if not optimally done.

These are not live links. My personal web server would not handle well google finding my links. PM me if interested and I'll supply the link. Also note, my web server can go down, and my Internet Provider loves to drop my connection overnight. I can easily fix it if I'm alerted to no access. Spelling and grammar mistakes are included for free ... kudos if you want to send me a list of mistake finds so I can fix. Let me know if you think any of these would be of interest:

2008-06 - Alaska, Denali NP - 7 Days on Land, 7 Day Princess Cruise
(Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Anchorage, Talkeetna,
Denali NP, Fairbanks)​

2009-10 - Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks

2010-08 - Maine. Acadia NP and Boston

2010-10 - Albuquerque, Carlsbad and Big Bend NP
(Hot Air Balloon Festival!)​

2011-01 - Naples, Key West and Dry Tortugas National Park

2011-05 - Sacramento, Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon NPs (Bears!)

2011-09 - Mammoth Caves, Smokey Mountains and Biltmore Estates (Bears!)

2012-01 - Orlando, Naples, Bicayne National Park and the Everglades

2012-05 - USVI, Caribbean Cruise - Sts. Thomas, John, Kitts, Lucia, Martin
and Barbados​

2012-09 - Las Vegas, Red Rock, Valley of Fire, Death Valley NP

2013-01 - Florida - Crystal River, Sanibel Island, Naples

2013-05 - Hawaii, American Samoa and National Parks on Each

2013-09 - Portland, Columbia River Gorge, Crater Lake National Park

2014-05 - England, Wales and Ireland
(Castles, Stonehenge, Avebury, Newgrange and Cities)​

2014-09 - Tucson, Saguaro and Petrified Forest NPs, AMARC
and PIMA Air and Space​

2015-04 - Peru, Ecuador, Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands
(Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Quito and Lima)​

2015-09 - Glacier National Park and Canada's Waterton National Park (Bears!)

2016-04 - Italy - Venice, Florence, Pisa, Pompeii and Rome
(Herculaneum, Paestum, Verona and Padua)​

2016-08 - California - Channel Islands NP, Joshua Tree NP and Anaheim, Angels

2017-01 - Hawaii II - Maui, Haleakala National Park and Waikiki

2017-05 - Utah Parks - Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Dead Horse Point

2017-07 - Baltimore and Shenandoah National Park (4 days)

2017-08 - Denver, Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park Revisit (4 quick days)

2017-09 - Cape Town, Kruger and Chobe National Parks and Victoria Falls

2018-01 - Belize, Guatemala - Mayan Ruins, Caye Caulker and minor Florida
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Just a quick note. I have been updating the list of my original post over time. In fact, 5 new reports have been after the original post (some are simple long weekend trips), but editing doesn't pop this up anywhere as new info. Anyway, I added my recent Southern Africa trip. If you have the link to my master index page from before, that is still the place to go. Otherwise, if interested, PM me and I will provide it.